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The Smurfs (2011)
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Good Family Drama!, 6 October 2012

Come on people, stop over-exaggerating. Its a fun Family Movie. It had its laughs every once and a while. It stayed true to the classic show. The voices where great, the mannerisms such as the use of "Smurf" and the singing of their favorite tune is pretty spot on as well.

The plot was good, i did not see any plot holes. The cgi was pretty amazing, even with the cat. The villain stayed true to the original character as well. Papa Smurf and Smurfetts voices were spot on. Along with Brain and Clumsy, it was a good movie for what its worth. People tend to get a little over-dramatic on IMDb, they give the lowest score possible whenever they can. I think the power of being able to review tends to get to their heads i guess. Stiop being so critical people, its a movie aimed at kids, not overly critical adults.

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Chill!, 13 August 2012

Alright, some of these reviews are irritating me.

Seriously, how is the show racist or stereotypical? Its a regular freaking Disney Show. There is nothing stereotypical about it. Its not like any of you actually know to the tee on how every single race act. What part of Penny's character is ghetto? The use of slang? I am eighteen, and trust me, everyone from every race uses slang. Most of the reviewers would not know that, since most are most likely pass the age of thirty and think of themselves to be "Critics".

Suga Mama and Oscar's characters are made to be "Funny", this is a animated Disney Show. This is not The Cosby's, its not suppose to be realistic, what Disney show(real or fake) is realistic? Even Stevens? No, Lizzie Maguire, No. Thats So Raven, No. And the list goes on, a lot of you all sound ignorant, to be honest. The show is very funny, in my opinion. It even has some morals every once and a while. Though the show is no longer on air, i still believe it is a great show to buy for DVD and show your children. At least give it a try, listening to people who feel the need to judge the show as if it was a Oscar movie or something, won't get you anywhere.

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Are you kidding me?!, 8 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I wasn't surprise by the low rating given by IMDb, its predominantly black show. 85% of the time, most of the predominantly black shows are given ridiculous low ratings.

First off, i will like to say how much i dislike people that watch one episode, and decide to write a review. Seriously, why are you typing up a review? You only watching one episode? Be real, its like how i get annoyed at people that make stupid reviews about shows that are mostly for kids.

Anyway, in my opinion, its a good show. The acting is good, nice chemistry between them all. I also love the drama, it at times can be very sad, but very realistic. Such as, Jenean. She played her character great. Her acting as a crack addicted wife and mother was really award worthy. Simply because it was realistic. In the real world, thats how most crack addicted women and men act. They are very emotional at times, aggravated, try to get help but ditch, and steal from their family. I commend Tyler on that area of the show. The actor that plays Cj also plays his role very well. He and the actress that plays Janean have great chemistry. The emotion he gives out when he is angry is very realistic, in my opinion. Even when Jenean got better, the way it all played out was very good. Cj still being angry at her, Malik having some resentment on her returning, mostly because of the teasing of his schoolmates and all. Curtis gives great comedy release, he is a very good actor, very likable at times. And Ella is also a very good actress, she plays her role very well, have to love her. Now, i wouldn't say that it is as funny as Meet the Browns, because it isn't. But it is a very great show. Though it did fell off in some areas, mostly after Jeneane and Cj moved and then came back.

Seriosuly though, don't decide to not watch the show because of the asinine reviews of those who rarely watch the show except for one episode. If you watch it from the start, you will grow to like it as I.

Let It Shine (2012) (TV)
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Great Movie!, 19 June 2012

I was really skeptical about the movie. Being a African American male, i pride myself on listening to music that is mainly "Real Rap". When i watch the previews of them using those two words, i was like "Pssh, yeah right.". I was wrong. The lyrics had a lot of realism within them along with a positive message, CoCo Jones had a great debut in the film, she is a very talented artist. She reminds me of a young Jennifer Hudson, looks like her as well. I love the message of the movie, "Stand up for what you believe in." Though it is a bit of a cliché' I find it to be a great message for kids that watch Disney Channel.

I found the acting to be good, but there was something i was skeptical on at the start. Being how CoCo Jones is Fourteen, and Tyler James Williams is nineteen, i was really wondering if they was going to make them kiss. I did not really find it that acceptable if so, then again. That 70's Show had a fourteen year old Mila Kunis kiss a 20 year old Ashten Kucher, so they say. Still did not seem right if so.

To some it up, the music was good, and the movie was overall very good. It is a movie you should watch, though i know a lot of you may be older than twenty, you may have a low tolerance for movies with cliché's, i recommend you to ease up. It's a Disney movie, not a Academy Award Winning movie. Its main base is for kids and teens, don't be so critical.

Thank You for reading.