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My fascination with Classic Cinema, from the start.. Films from Hollywood's Golden Age in approx. order of viewing, NOT in order of preference.. Black & White films from the Silent era 'til the early Fifties, mainly Romance or Drama, with a sprinkling of Musicals, Screwball and Crime also..
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Newspapers seem to be a staple of old Hollywood classic films. The reporters always ready with witty banter, always trying to outwit each other in their quest for "the big scoop"! The editors barking out deadlines and firing people! I love the way Golden Age screwball and crime classics depict the world of newsrooms, reporters, editors, newsreels and photographers.

Still incomplete, any suggestions welcome (Golden Age films only)
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Some little-known/ forgotten films I'd recommend Golden Age cinema lovers to seek out. Only films I've seen myself and would recommend seeing at least once. Mainly Romance, Comedy and Drama, with some Crime and Musicals. I am going by number of IMDB ratings to determine what is "little-known"..
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A list of films portraying radio singers and radio broadcasts in the 1930s and 1940s.
The "live broadcast" scenario was often used to good effect in slapstick comedies and, of course, musical films. Never having experienced the Golden Age of Radio firsthand, I love getting a glimpse of what it was like in classic films.

This is not a list of radio programs, but rather films which are, at least in part, about radio - announcers, singers, sponsors, contests etc.. By no means complete - any suggestions welcome!
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Films from the silent-to-talkie transition period. Between 1927 and 1930, a number of films included portions in the brand new "talking pictures" medium, but due to cost or technical limitations (plus the belief that talkies were just a passing fad!) were still mainly silent..

(Incomplete list)
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The flapper was a very popular character in films of 'the Roaring Twenties', and it seems the fascination continues today! Here are some actresses who portrayed flappers in the Twenties and early Thirties..
(Incomplete list, appreciate your corrections)
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One of the highlights of watching classic Hollywood films, for me, is hearing "the way they spoke back then". Certain voices in particular stand out and are instantly recognisable. Actors and actresses from the Thirties to early Fifties. (I noticed that the majority I find memorable are male - not sure why!)
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Classic actors and actresses whose films I would like to see more of.. Some of these people I've seen in a few films so far (max. 5), some only as supporting characters. But something about each of them caught my interest..
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Don't you just wish men still knew how to dress?! This list is just a bit of nostalgia - it was hard to find good pictures on this site, but here are some of the best dressed men of Hollywood's Golden Age (in my opinion!)