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Wait, what? This is awesome!, 2 October 2016

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I loved this movie!!!!! It was fun, it was hilarious and I am not comparing it to the original, so I have that preconceived idea of what it 'should' be. It was clever and included all the villains. It was exciting seeing New York in it's authentic style, having a range of characters for people to enjoy. I would aim this more towards teenagers, it has a kind of Goosebumps/Charlies Angels feel. The best was the cameo appearances from the original cast. This had a great soundtrack, good cast and it was visually great too. I hope there is a sequel, I'll be there to see it! Icing on the cake, Queen of Sci-Fi: Sigourney Weaver at the end ha ha.

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A little short of what it could be, 4 August 2016

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Firstly, I found it started off quite fast, introducing all the characters as briefly as possible, was a task. There was some substance missing in the scenes of the Joker, to begin with. I feel as though there could have been much more dramatic shots of him, it was almost comedic like. However, in the later half of the film I seen Jared Leto shine through with glimpses of his fantastic acting skills. If there is to be a sequel, which is obvious- then I believe they will allow more screen time for the diabolic couple, Harley and Joker. The first thing that struck me was the soundtrack! Instead of instrumental or theme songs, they chose well known classics from different genres to spark interest for the viewer, as first seeing each character, the songs coincided with them. Secondly, you can rest assured that the costume department was not lacking in this film! Every piece was striking and significant of each character. I can almost predict that cosplay lovers are going crazy for the next comic conventions, to show off their replicas from this film. Lots of great props and whimsical items throughout. The overall inclusions of the film are good for any movie lover, as it catered to the bad ass, the sexy, the sad, funny, action, serious and quality actors that make a great essential. The part that fell short, in my opinion, was the plot and the scenes that we have oh so many times seen. Which are 'let's save the city' and the gun action fights in between buildings. There wasn't enough to capture you through those moments, in the cgi department. I did like the variety of all the characters, but at the same time it was hard to enjoy it more, knowing that it was far fetched. I would have liked an in depth on each character and why they had special powers or what have you. My favourite would have to be Diablo, he is super cool for anyone that likes an underdog or not so much of a showy costume character. I have to agree that Margo Robbie was superb in her acting, and the delivery of all her lines were on the mark. The Joker was not in it enough and didn't have solid script to mesmerize, hopefully we see more of him to come. So I would like to say, go see this and enjoy it, but don't expect to be amazed. It's just some bad ass fun.

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Definitely not a classic, 27 January 2016

OK, so what do you think when you think of a Tarantino movie? Me, well I think of: great camera angles, impeccable actors and acting, brilliant or witty dialogue, terrific screenplay, quirky and intense soundtrack, bloodshed, suspense, cleverness, plot twists, strange and just a style that is his own. Let me just be upfront and honest about this movie, there were quirky uses of songs- but they did not work. There were good camera angles but bad lighting. There were outrageous displays from characters but nothing we had not seen before, and far less convincing. There was a great cast, yet no actor truly shone through. Apart from Kurt Russel and those beastly mutton chops and handlebars being his facial hair. The costume designer went overboard and it led to confusion. The set was intriguing at first but soon came to be the reason I was doubting the storyline and what was transpiring. Yes there was blood, and the catering to the brutality fanbase. But characters dropping one by one is hard to believe in such circumstances. Tarantino has used several of previous success and ideas from his catalogue and tried to apply them to this movie. He is scraping for ideas and desperately trying to somehow have the wow factor. To me, it was history repeating itself, it left me yawning and wishing he would cast someone besides Samuel. L Jackson.

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Badass, visually awesome, daring, original., 5 June 2015

What can I say. I'm hardly the type to sit through a movie. Especially a 2 hour plus. But this. You cannot take your eyes off the screen. All the characters are eccentric. All the costumes are magnificent. The guns and war vehicles are completely out of this world. The ideas are flowing like mad. The filming location is so beautiful, and seeing it on the big screen is incredible. Charlize does not say much, but with her finesse, she doesn't have to. Hardy is brill. All of them play their parts excellent. The harsh desert, sweating and getting downright dirty, it is just so freakin good. I love this movie! All I can think of right now is: WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?

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Movies like this restore my faith, 14 August 2013

I thought it was excellent. Most movies are whipped up in 5 minutes and never show detail or excitement, enough to captivate the audience. Every character was made primary and each had an equal part. The good CGI was used on the important parts, and the way the movie chopped and changed genre a few times, was really creative. Improvisation made this movie, and characters did pull off being realistic. The acting was very well done and there is not much to fault on the movie, besides a few predictable scenes, here and there. I'm also a little sad that those few good characters didn't make it to the end. But.. As long as these guys keep making movies, I'll keep paying to see them! UNREAL!!!

If I could relate it to any other movie it would be: Little Nicky!

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Fun from the word GO!, 14 July 2012

How could you NOT like this movie! I am watching it right now, and it has inspired me to write a review, and hopefully give it more recognition and more importantly, a higher rating!!!! Kids home alone with no parents, free to do whatever, but also trying to maintain living! Each character has their own stereotype- Walter the youngest: a handful, Melissa: the disobedient tomboy, Kenny: the headbanging rocker drop-out, Zachary: the calm, but sneaky love struck teen and Sue-Ellen: the responsible, yet hip mother of her siblings. This movie is full of much excitement and a great plot. You cannot go past this underrated classic!

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Katy proves that she doesn't conform., 11 July 2012

The film was an emotional journey following the rise and fame of this gigantic success they call- 'Katy Perry'. You will be smitten by the quality of her stage sets, costumes and supportive crew that walk with her every step of the way. I didn't realise the hardship one has to endure whilst juggling fame and personal life. Katy is a true inspiration to both young and old followers. She shows that her fans come first, even before her own health and happiness, to me, that is absolute dedication. Take the opportunity to explore the world of Katy Perry and discover all that is behind the colors, glitter and music, it's a thrill. She deserves recognition far beyond what she receives.

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Rock of ages COULD have been amazing, 14 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have submitted a 6 for this movie, which is just above average. I was disappointed with it due to the following reasons: The beginning was way too fast, she stepped off the bus, lost her suitcase and was given a job by a boy who fell in love with her instantly. There was no discussion of how she got there, her previous life (apart from the song lyrics, which most of the time didn't match up) and a lot of little things annoyed me. For one- Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx, he was mumbling throughout the whole movie, taking long pauses for that 'wow' effect, (which eventually got boring) and he was not attractive enough to be a stud rock star.A better cast would have made it a lot better. Although there were no hold backs on women dressed appealing. The hairstyles were not as accurate as the could have been. The lead guy 'Drew' had skater hair?? The Hollywood sign was small in scale. The songs were not even the major hits that represented 80s rock. Alec Baldwin and Russel Brand as a couple just made it weird. The musical was much better- colorful, engaging, likable characters, sets etc.