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A list for my top 10 movies .. it contains best movies i have ever seen .. i may change it any time ..
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This Is a list of disney pixar movies ordered from the best to the worst .. this list is just my opinion and you have the full right to disagree with me ..
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This is a list for my top 10 video games .. always remember : that is my opinion .. and if you disagree i respect your opinion without doubt !
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That is my opinion about how The Last Of Us movie should be casted .. if you do not agree with me then it is your opinion and i respect it .. and maybe you could help me :)
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This is my choice for uncharted 3 movie cast , you may not agree with me so i will accept your opinions and help to make that list better ..
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This is my opinion about how uncharted movie should be casted .. i made a list for uncharted 3 and i will make a list for uncharted 1 .. remember that this is only my opinion .. if you disagree with me then no problem .. every one has his opinion ..