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John Amos was Robbed!, 25 July 2005

This is a classic show. It is a crime that John Amos never received an Emmy nomination for his role on this show. Like most shows, it went on a little too long but for fans, each season has it's moments. It was a ground breaking, memorable and well acted for a sitcom. Having recently watched a few episodes, I was happy to see that it still holds up after all these years. JJ has to be the unlikeliest playa in the history of television but he always had a lot of girls, which is funny to me. There were a lot of behind the scenes issues, which led to cast members leaving the show. This affected the quality in later years. Classic episodes include the unfortunate death of James Evans and the one where Penny falls down the elevator shaft. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Late Watch (2004)
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Definitely Worth Watching, 13 May 2004

A very funny ensemble comedy. There are a lot characters, and each are unique and make their mark on the film. The pacing is great and the movie stays consistently funny throughout. It is well written and directed. The cast does a great job. It is kind of like a blue collar "Office Space." This was easily one of the better films at this years Tribeca Film Festival. If you like smart, character driven comedies, then there's no doubt you are gonna like this movie. It's the kind of movie where you have a smile on your face throughout, anticipating what is gonna happen next. I'm sure each viewer will have a different favorite character, another thing that makes this film unique.