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Some of my favourites directors.
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If he thinks he's tough, there's no way he won't enjoy good movies like theses.
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Good choices for a night with a lover. Pick one and watch it. Doesn't matter if it's on Netflix or that you already have it. Just watch them. It's worthwhile. You won't regret it. They're not all romantic movies, but some are just important to watch.
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The best romance movies ever done in history. Specially the smartest and the most unconventional ones.
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Good movies that influences me through my future directing.
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My choice for the characters in my story.
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I want to dedicate this list to River Phoenix, and all his 14 movies he made, and that I saw all! August 23th 1970 - October 31th 1993! He would always be in our heart!
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The hottest guy in the world!