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I like this show, 17 October 2014

I like this show, it moves along fast with a lot of laughs. It is not as slick as Brass Eye or as funny as Dennis Pennis or Ali G, but it gets better the more you watch. I tell a lie, it is as good, because it is different. The two guys Prowse and Rubinstien are very talented and the characters are funny. They have nicked Harry Enfields's 'Tim nice but Dim' and copied other shows, but that isn't so bad, they are copying the best and all comedy is derivative, just like music.

I have just watched the second episode on series link and it was as good as the first. I think it will become a hit show if they keep up the quality of the writing and the format of stuff in the news. I liked the Wall Street and Fox News bits, really funny. The cannabis and gun bits were funny, it is funny. It was great to see a show that has a go at all of these things. 'Give us our money back you A***holes' was a great line to all those Wall Street creeps.

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The Driver who tailed off, 12 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I rate David Morrisey as one of the best actors over the last 20 years. He has been in some of the best TV drama series and one offs to put this show 'The Driver' not one of his best.

It started out looking good, but got worse as it went on. The storyline turned out a bit too far fetched. Vince, the taxi driver gets involved with an old criminal buddy who has just got out of prison. He then gets invited to a game of cards in the house of the 'Horse' an arch criminal who seems to run Manchester's underworld. Without any knowledge of Vince's capability to join the ranks of wheel-man to gang of heavies, he is on the firm.

Vince has problems at home, his son has run off with his girlfriend and joined a religious sect...yawn. He drives the Horse a few times and then is invited to be getaway driver on a heist. In between Vince's buddy has failed to dispatch a drug dealer and Vince pulls the half alive bloke out of a twenty foot deep drain with a tow rope, puts him in the back of his cab and drops him off at the hospital. Cops get involved and Vince strikes a deal to nail the horse.

Yep, it all ends up with gang getting their collars felt, Vince's son coming home to mum and dad and the credits appear. Sorry but can't say I enjoyed it. Too silly and the criminals were so useless they would have been locked up years ago.

Chef (2014)
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Don't bother, 30 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was very disappointed with this awful film. It is hard to believe that it was ever made. I went because the reviews seemed to say it was funny. I don't know if they had a deal with Twitter and it was a 100 minute advertisement, but that is what it seemed like. The Chef has an ex wife and kid who live in a mansion. He looks after the kid in his best capacity as a busy chef who gets a bad review from a restaurant critic and quits.

The storyline is mindless as this guy starts a business making Cuban sandwiches from an old beat up truck. The acting is mostly terrible especially the Cuban wife who was so wooden she must have floated to the USA. The critic once again appears and decides the Cuban sandwiches are nectar and wants to back the chef in a business venture. Total rubbish and mind blowing dull.

My advice is avoid this movie and do watch your fingernails grow for 100 would be a less boring and more funny experience.

Begin Again (2013/II)
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I hope you can stay awake., 14 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The reviews on IMDb give this film a reasonable rating. Given that I went to see on the big screen. Sorry folks but it is 100 minutes long and seemed like a week. There is nothing good I can say about it, to say it was awful would be about right. Keira Knightly is so bad in this film, it makes me wonder if she has any acting ability at all. I am yet to see her give a decent performance. If this film had to be made, then she was miscast. It is a straight to DVD TV film, in other words a waste of nearly two hours.

There are thousands of better stories and better actors out there, I just get annoyed when one pays good money to watch this slush.

Not very good., 29 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The film is not good, it isn't a documentary, it isn't a satire, it isn't really a piece of education. The filmmaker seems to be chasing Michael Moore around America trying to get an interview. If the object of the film is to show Moore as a hater of America, it fails on all counts. Strangely the film maker is sort of a junior version of Moore, give him a few years and he could be 300lbs, but he isn't quite up to Moore's standard at documentary making.

Moore doesn't hate America, he just hates the greed, the guns and the way Republicans govern. His docs on Columbine, 911, Heathcare and capitalism have flaws but are fairly accurate. Moore also has a lot of fans who are in agreement with him. This film is flakey and not cutting edge, the title is meant to have you take notice maybe just to get attention. He goes on radio and TV shows and says nothing, just that he loves America. Patriotism or publicity, I don't think he knows himself.

This film is really a weak criticism of Moore, it doesn't work for me, but I guess the fact that it has a go at Moore will get some misguided people liking it.

"Hidden" (2011)
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Boring and disjointed, 23 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was looking forward to this, some reasonably good write ups in the paper, probably by critics who never watched it. David Suchet, Philip Glenister are usually very good, not in this. I thought it would be something on par with 'Shadow Line'.

Unfortunately it didn't live up to expectations. Glenister is no babe magnet, so his attempt to be a Bond type in pursuit of Thekla Reuten was pathetic.

I lost interest after two episodes, the script being patchy, with the usual flashbacks keeping you wondering why the hell they need so many of these. They are great if they are done properly as in 'Shadow Line', in 'Hidden' I couldn't see the need for any. The acting was hammish and as it went on it just became more boring. I guess it might be enjoyed by Glenister fans, but it really isn't very good.

It was too long after two episodes so be prepared for a marathon.

Shifty (2008)
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A small budget film that shines., 10 October 2011

It is hard to believe they made this film for £100k. I wasn't expecting it to be great, but it was far better than I expected. I liked the two main characters Shifty and Chris and the whole ensemble were very good.

Riz Ahmed and Daniel Mays are both very good actors, I had seen a fine performance by Daniel Mays in Mike Leigh's 'All or Nothing' but it was the first time I had seen Riz. Although they aren't really well known outside TV and smaller budget stuff, both these actors are going to be big names in the future. I have great regard for all the actors who appear in Mike Leigh films and Daniel Mays will be up there with Tim Spall, Jim Broadbent, Stephen Rea, Phil Davis to name a few.

It is a fairly simple story of a drug dealer who runs into big trouble, it is a good portrait of the seedy world of drugs and the horrors they bring. Although very different, I would recommend this film to anyone who liked 'Sexy Beast' 'Dead Man's Shoes'.

They did a brilliant job with £100k.

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No, no, no I surrender., 23 September 2011

I would only watch the whole movie if I was paid a grand to undergo the pain. I can only review the first ten minutes...that's how long I lasted under extreme torture. Ten of the longest minutes of my life.

Please do not bother to waste your time or money on something so bad it should never have been made. Even if you are given it free with a payment for watching it, it will be the hardest work you will ever undertake. It makes Danny Dyer look like a thespian, it makes grandad's super 8 home movies look professional.

I hope the people who made this abomination go and get proper jobs that reflect their non existent talents. Please don't disgrace the DVD industry by attempting more of this rubbish.

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A great film., 22 September 2011

I read some of the reviews on this board before I went to see the film and am fairly puzzled by some of the haters who slated this film. It is good film, but it isn't going to be liked by everyone although it does not deserve to be slated by morons. John le Carre lovers and those with a brain and an understanding of real life spy stories and the cold war will love it, but there are millions of who will never get it.

There are several really stupid reviews but I single out one by jackcarver2009 who went to see the film with his mother and his aunt. In a painfully feeble attempt to be funny he wrote that the two women found it more painful than childbirth. Hilarious, so so funny sound like a very silly ten year old who was taken to the pictures by Mumsy and auntie Doris, who sadly got 'Tinker Tailor' mixed up with 'The Smurfs' were watching the wrong movie you dimwits.

This is a very good film and not to be missed, it is dark but that's what real life cold war espionage was like. Gary Oldman delivers a great performance as Smiley and the cast, direction and screenplay are all superb. I would advise anybody who lives in the real world to go and see this film.

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A waste of time., 1 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A great classic story ruined by the Hollywood egomaniacs. With hundreds of movies on television we made the mistake of venturing out on a horrible day to watch this new version of Gulliver. Well here's my review, I have just sat through this boring awful movie with my grandson and consider it was a complete waste of time and £20-00. There is nothing good I can say about this film. It goes to show that once again the usual holiday hype has worked and people are being hooked in to pay good money to watch rubbish.

It is sad that with all the money this movie must have cost to make, the final result has turned out to be so dismal. Jack Black is mediocre as Gulliver and unfortunately the rest of the cast look like they are working under duress for an appearance fee. The one exception is Chris O Dowd who stands out as the only redeeming thing in what has to be this year's Christmas turkey.

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