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What a load of crap, 11 June 2012

I was being pigeonholed in my apartment this Friday and decided to rent out this DVD to kill time. Used to be a big fan of Karisma in her bygone days, man what a disappointing performance. Everything about the movie sucked, the badly edited script, the shoddy acting, the irrelevant characters. This includes Karisma's co-star. I won't even Google to find out the name, only thing I can remember he has such a clumsy wooden, expressionless face. They were a gross mismatch even if I take Karisma as some sort of cougar not considering the huge age difference, she really looked as if babysitting her boyfriend. Jimmy Shergill, a fine actor otherwise, looked tired and worn out, probably anguished with subjecting himself to Karisma's comeback tantrums. Seriously, Karisma didn't find a single co-star for her comeback movie. I heard her behavior isn't very good so that makes people keep distance.

Only the most pathetic, lazy mind could come with a script like dangerous ishq.