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I LOVED IT!, 29 May 2004

Freaking registration! Finally! Anyway, I loved it! I didn't know about it until after watching the series. I didn't have "DirecTV' then, and I don't have it anymore. I never had cable. I watched it on regular TV as a Disney movie, then rented it to see what was censored and what I missed. Simply put, the movie is sexier. Those of you who are spoiled may not get it. The aunts were better looking than the TV show version, no hard feelings to them! Sabrina got to do sexier activities too. (At least in the movie she never farted! I hate fart jokes!) Salem was a familiar rather than a male witch under a cat sentence. I only came here to see what her movie version's last name was. Now I know. I also had to reply, because I hate people who watch a movie just to hate it and give it bad reviews. I intend to buy the DVD of the movie now that "Columbia DVD" is offering it. I'll get the series too. Too bad MJCH is a smoker though. That is a big disappointment! :-(