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Savages (2012)
1 December 2012
Oliver Stone manages to accomplish again with Savages what he did for the 2008 financial crisis in Wall Street 2: trivialize an extremely real tragedy that had a profound effect on millions of innocent peoples' lives with an insulting bit of self indulgence.

It's the Mexican drug war this time, but it's essentially the same story. Some extremely privileged people find themselves affected for a very brief time by a serious international tragedy and manage to get out perfectly (sorry, but it'll save you 2 disgusting nonsensical hours). The body count ratio between Mexicans and Americans is something like 100:1. Everything turns out fine as long as the girl who just had to take that one last trip to the mall gets out okay.

It's amazing that it's the same guy who made Platoon. It's either that he completely fails to grasp any event that wasn't a part of his own life directly, or he's completely lost his potency. Probably both. Thank goodness he didn't make a movie about 9/11. Oh. Yeah..
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Prometheus (I) (2012)
technology is killing story telling
9 June 2012
The title is apt because it should be punished for attempting to do more than it should. Like the Star Wars prequels, we are provided with a back story that is infinitely less interesting than the one we were invited to imagine.

While in Alien the audience experiences the film with the characters, we merely watch the characters in Prometheus. When everything gets spelled out in the end it's a singularly deflating experience for a fan of the franchise.

It's looking like all the brilliant movies of the late 70s and early 80s were so compelling due to technological limitation more than anything else. That, and they weren't all colored navy blue and orange.
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