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Threshold (1981)
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Deeply moving, smart film, 26 November 2005

This movie is so understated and yet so powerful and moving it took me by surprise. The three principle actors (Sutherland, Goldblum, Winningham) do a fantastic, believable job of bringing their characters to life. I was quite impressed with the writing, directing, and, as I've said, acting. The only thing that made me watch this movie, at first, was that I am a fan of Donald Sutherland. Once I sat through it I could not stop thinking about it. The quiet power Sutherland brings to his character is a fine example of an actor really "getting" his part Jeff Goldblum's handling of the part of the brash and slightly off center researcher is one of his best performances. Mare Winningham's quiet desperation as the heart patient is truly believable and heart felt without going over the top. Everyone in this movie really seemed to fit right in, giving the movie a "real-life" feel. An all around well done movie. Too bad it's not on DVD.