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Certainly not a bad film, 15 March 2005

The IMDb ranking for this film is quite harsh in my opinion. OK, this film was never going to win an Oscar, but it's enjoyable throughout and has some very good laughs in it. I'm not a big fan of teen movies but I saw this and was impressed. It's light-hearted and not afraid to appear ridiculous (infact most of the time it does this deliberately) and it doesn't pretend to be "Just another teen movie", indeed it IS "Not another teen movie", it's a very enjoyable laugh at the expense of those films.

Don't expect your life to be changed by this film, but if you want simply a fun film to watch then you won't go far wrong seeing this one.

Metallica: S&M (2000) (TV)
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Sheer brilliance, 15 October 2004

The S&M DVD is possibly the best live work Metallica have done. Through sheer quantity Binge & Purge may be more highly regarded, but quality-wise I think S&M is better. Every track (barring Outlaw Torn) is just amazing, all benefiting from the extra dimensions a symphony gives - and the expert vision of Michael Kamen.

We start off with The Ecstacy Of Gold, performed beautifully by the San Francisco Orchestra.

The Call Of Ktulu, a much overlooked classic is the first Metallica song played and it sets the mood splendidly, it has power but also grace, 9/10.

Master Of Puppets is next up, which as always, is amazing, 10/10 on this one.

Of Wolf And Man is the first of many tracks on this DVD that are much improved with the aid of a symphony. I'm not a massive fan of the album version but I love the S&M version, 10/10.

The Thing That Should Not Be is well done but i'm not the biggest fan of the song, 8/10.

Fuel, always a crowd favourite, again benefits from the orchestra and earns it's 10/10.

The Memory Remains is also well performed with good crowd interactions, 9/10.

No Leaf Clover, a new song, is quite good, not heavy but likable all the same, 8/10.

Hero Of The Day is next and possibly my favourite performance on this DVD. Not their best song but is the most improved with the symphony 10/10.

Devil's Dance again, as above, not a great song but they manage to pull it off well, 8/10.

Bleeding Me tends to close the first DVD as Ktulu opened it, an epic song well done, 8/10.

The 2nd DVD starts off with Nothing Else Matters, a classic and was originally done with an orchestra, so is more than adaptable, 10/10 for sure on this one.

Until It Sleeps is a good post-black album song and holds it's own here, not the best performance of the day but still good, 7.5/10.

For Whom The Bell Tolls... Well, what can I say? They made a near perfect song another step closer to that title, 10/10.

-Human is the 2nd new song. Heavier and the symphony help out this song, 8/10.

Wherever I may Roam was next up and is my favourite track off the Black album, it's well done but not the outstanding performance on this DVD, 8/10.

Outlaw Torn was next up and I just can't bring myself to like it. A fan of the song might think differently but I can't give this more than a 6/10.

Sad But True is another great song which is performed well but i'm not overly convinced the symphony add too much to it, still a great performance though, 9/10.

One - Possibly the best Metallica song ever and is expertly performed by both Metallica and the symphony, can't fault it: 10/10.

Enter Sandman, a favourite of most was, like Wherever I May Roam, not an outstanding performance, in my opinion the symphony drowned out Kirk and James, and for a song like Enter Sandman that is not a good thing, 8.5/10.

Battery closes this DVD and has a brilliant intro by the symphony, 9.5/10.

Overall this is a brilliant performance to own, but musically and visually stunning. Any fan of Metallica would love this possibly even a few fans of classical music. A very solid 9/10 overall, with special mention to Hero Of The Day, Of Wolf And Man, Master Of Puppets and Nothing Else Matters.