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Shanghai (2012)
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Decent follow up is with "Z", 8 June 2012

I really enjoyed watching this latest Political thrillers like the west since our cinema mostly aims at only entertainment as an escape from the real life. The acting is great, the storyline is well written with adequate character development to let you get emotionally invested. The film is based on Greek writer Vassilis Vassilikos' political novel "Z" on which director Costa-Gavras also made his project titled "Z" (French) in 1969, which means "He is Alive" in a symbolic form. But SHANGHAI actually scores much higher than all the earlier political thrillers made in the country mainly due to its subtle and calm treatment of an intense plot which keeps you engrossed especially in its second half.Emraan Hashmi has shown real talent that he is much more capable of apart from smooching leading lady. If you love true cinema, go for SHANGHAI.