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To you who might look at this list would probably think I am missing some great series and perhaps I do. I would love to get some advices on what to watch, but I am pretty sure i already looked briefly on a lot of them without finding them in my taste, but i would still like to get suggestions ;)

The order is random :)

I have seen Spartacus: blood and sand, but for some reason i cant find the right one.
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Here are some of the movies I have watched and enjoyed. I would like to think I have a broad taste in Genres but i do ofc favor Action/adventure/fantasy or those movies, which are close to those genres. The list is still ongoing and ill add more movies as time goes, so please feel free to comment or give pointers if you have any ideas. I am always open for suggestions. :)

The order is random.

I haven't gotten to the part where its ongoing i still have to finish it and please excuse me if I accidentally get the same movie twice :) It is hard to keep count when you have so many.

Just so you don't think I am Throwing every Movie I have seen on the list - I don't. All the Movies are Movies I enjoyed watching at some point of my life. Some of them I am not sure i would watch again today, but i still think they are worth watching.

Thanks in advance.