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Lucia (2013/I)
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a true gem in Indian film history......simply a masterpiece, 9 October 2013

WOW....was the word which i uttered when i finished this movie....and its unbelievable that this movie was made on a minuscule budget of Rs. 5 million (around 80000 USD!!!). From the first frame till the end the frames are so rich and colorful. The cinematography is mind blowing.

The director should be applauded for picking such a daring and off beat subject and presenting it in such an entertaining and gripping nature. The movie truly belongs to him. The performance by NeeNaSam Satheesh is marvelous. The new comer Shruthi looks pretty and done her role well.

The narration is so good that till the end all your guesses are wrong....and when u realize that ur guesses were wrong u'll be pleasantly surprised to know that. The final twist in the tale is that exciting.

Its good to know that we Indians still have directors who can showcase our movies in the forum of world cinema.

Hats off to Mr Pawan Kumar....

Julayi (2012)
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utter waste of time......, 14 August 2012

I respect Trivikram a lot....and a large part of this respect mainly due to the brains he puts in writing scripts....if u follow Telugu movies regularly then u know that Trivikram is not a small name in TFI....He is the reason for success of films like Nuvvu Naaku Nachchaav, Athadu, Nuvve nuvve etc. All these films involve average plots but excellent writing and hilarious comic performances. As far as Trivikram is concerned he started losing the grip since jalsa (2008)and julayi one such lazy attempt from this ace clearly shows on the screen that no effort is put in writing it relies heavily on star power of allu arjun and some respite is provided by rajender prasad with a weak role other actors do their role as per scope.....but movie offers nothing new.....its a pity that he lifted dialogs and scenes from the dark knight!!!!!

watch it if you have nothing better to watch

Eega (2012)
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finally intelligent movie making arrives in tollywood......hats off rajamouligaru......, 23 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mr. SS Rajamouli is known for making commercial potboilers in Telugu cinemas. His previous works include movies like Vikramarkudu, Sye, Simhadri, Chathrapathi etc. He is a director who has never tasted a failure (in movies) till date. When he announced that he's gonna make an experimental movie with no big actor in it many eyebrows were raised cuz people couldn't understand why this guy wanna take a big risk when he has already so much to his credit as a big league director??? Well, his hunger for creativity was yet unsatisfied and that lead him to create what is now a greatest masterpiece of tollywood....its really an accomplishment of mammoth takes a lot of guts and lots of brains to make a movie out of a short story that your father told u once in childhood (read vijayendra prasad and SS rajamoui).....the hard work that is put in making of this movie is quite evident on the screen....each and every minute detail related to a flies life has been taken into account by the makers....the music is mind blowing and keeps u glued to the screen...the CGI was never as better as this one in Indian movies....

coming to the performances Sudeep fires up the screen from the word go...Naani is as usual lovable and apt....Samantha is as usual the beauty u r familiar with....others do their roles well...

finally as a commercial means this movie uses the language (Kannada)in which it was not dubbed and that according to me is to woo the Kannada audience towards it and by no means its a silly act and in fact it can be a good strategy for all the future films to consider....

my favorite scene in the movie is when eega is just born and finding it difficult to fly then suddenly a flood comes and with difficulty eega starts to fly.....initially all are having a picture in their mind that eega is in the middle of some big flood but the next scene u realize that it was a small drain in which water gushed....simply awesome imagination!!!!!!!!!

the best line according to me is OKKA SAARI CHACHCHINAAKA INKO CHAAVU LEKKA??????!!!!!!

definitely worth watching innumerable times>>>>

okka adugu.......(one step)....mass entertainer!!!!!!!!, 8 June 2012

one word that describes this movie is "ENTHRALLING"

The specialist mass director Mr Rajamouli delivers it again.....the first half is too good.....and the scene just before interval is mind blowing good and believe me I have seen this movie innumerable times and the scene never fails to induce the goose-flesh till this date.....the dialogs are awesome....shriya too hot....prabhas is good and this movie delivered him all the accolades....second half is relatively dull compared to the first and looks a bit stretched but its OK.....

special mention should be made regarding the little guy (shafi)who played younger brother of prabhas....he was too good and the rage that he expressed through his act was simply awesome....he deserved an award for it....

all in all a must watch for all Telugu movie fans...

Anna Bond (2012)
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a new low for puneeth after paramathma, 7 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Director Suri and Puneeth Rajkumar made merry with Jackie in 2009....and the expectations were very high with this movie as they joined their hands together second time and what a MAGNANIMOUS CRAP they brought to us this far as the plot is concerned even weeks after its release i am still trying to make out what it was....and Mr. Suri innovation definitely doesn't mean u should show crap like a house with wheels, innovation must come in Ur thinking and writing and not in cheap gimmicks like these....i still don't understand whether he was trying to copy daredevil stunts and plot when he showed puneeth's eyes getting operated....the beer drinking second heroine (Nidhi) was irritating and unnecessary....priyamani though restrained but not up-to the mark.....Harikrishna's music was at the best peppy and time pass.....

the only saving grace and real hero of the movie is Mr. Rangayana Raghu...without his comedy i might have walked out of the theater in the first half itself....what an actor he is....

Advice to Puneeth: boy, u r a good actor and son of a great actor...don't throw urself into the vicious cycle of crap Ur elder brother has gone...Ur choice of movies is getting worse n worse (Prithvi, Paramathma etc) more careful next time boy or else u will be just another actor who missed it completely...

overall a grand disappointment....!!!!!!!!

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mass, action and entertainer, 7 June 2012

the major problem with South Indian films is the billionth time repeated far as plot is concerned Vikramarkudu is no different than its predecessors....what makes it different is the treatment, the male protagonist, the female protagonist ( good as nude with half the clothes on!!!!!!!) and the comedy track.....even though i have not seen Rowdy Rathore but surely i know it sucks and it has to because of its director Mr. Prabhudeva (who is getting to the dubious credit of THE REMAKE SPECIALIST in India).....raviteja thunders and makes u laugh and its the last best movie i have seen from this guy....anoushka fresh and spicy....rajamouli at his peak....brahmmi again doing what he does the best....overall this is one movie u can watch whenever u feel like killing some time in a day or not in a mood to entertainer in totality