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Behind the scenes at the inception, development and performance of GRACELAND, 6 June 2012

What joy! It is rare to find yourself beaming in a dark theatre at the people on the screen, but the joy of the performers, fully engaged with the music, was irresistible. It helped that I'd been privileged to attend the original Graceland tour in the 80's and had actually brought both my daughters, ages 11 and 16, with me. I beamed all through THAT performance as well. "Under African Skies" gives the cool background details about how the whole project started and unfolded, including the political flak Paul Simon and the team went through from the left. What a delight to meet the guys from LadySmith Black Mombaso, and hear the tale from their point of view. Some strange white guy wants to play music with them - such open hearted folks, despite apartheid, they went for it for the love of their music. I want to see this movie again AND I want all my friends and family to see it too. My only problem is if they don't love it as much as I do!