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The Serial Killers Movies

This is realistic part of the horror film.
With the most sickening evil people
ever put on film but they do exist in
this dark crazy world we live in.
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List of some of the greatest actors and actresses
who landed in cult classic horror films and underrated
horror films.
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This is what TV has come to over the years with such *beep* Reality shows today that make people famous and don't deserve the fam in my opinion.

Some shows from the past on here that I disliked
and still do.
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Long list of my favorite actors from
America to other countries.
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Wake the *beep* up Hollywood, do it the
right way or stay the *beep* away and
allow someone else with Independent
vaules, make the movies.

Sequels and Prequels that should be
done the right way to a horror classic.

If any of the filmmakers see this which I
doubt but if they did that be awesome
and hopefully it helps by giving some ideas
out there to some how keep the genre alive.

I wish I had the tools to make the movies
but don't have the money.

I'm trying to learn how to write my own stories
and so far I've written a few shorts.
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These are movies that were seen at a drive-in theater
that use to operate near where I live.
Called the Union City Drive-In in Union City,
California. It opened in 1966 (not sure what date)
and it closed on April 1, 1998. Just going to list
almost all the movies they showed from
those four decades. As sort of a tribute.
Films like Blade, Bride of Chucky, Halloween H2O,
John Carpenter's Vampires, Doctor Dolittle and
many others that came months after sadly didn't get
to see a showing at the old drive-in, due to the
outdoor theater being closed down and demolished
before there releases. Most movies I like and others
I don't care for which will have comments on this list.
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I don't think any classic films should be
remade but there are a very good horror
remakes that can do a justice as the
originals did and when it's done with
the director's own version of the first movie.

But there are others that should not be
*beep* with at all.
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Not every celebrity I know of but I include
them all on this list
out of respect of what
they were famous for.