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Savages (2012)
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Where is the action?, 27 July 2012

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OK so I saw the trailers and thought that maybe this would be pretty good as it looked like the lead characters take on the Mexican Drug Cartel to get their girlfriend back.

So naturally I thought that they would be shooting the bad guys and blowing things up & they even stab Travolta in the trailer, so you should expect more of the same.... right??

Boy was I wrong! Hardly any action - cheesy characters with cheesy dialog. Had a real chance to redeem themselves a bit with an ending that should have had everyone die - maybe even have an ending where they change who they are sand take over the big drug operation but one of them dies - but not can't do that... Mr Stone decided not to take that route and give us the happy ever after version - sorry but I just didn't care about our "heroes" so I was hoping that they did take a bullet in the end. But again I was let down as that did not happen.

Taylor Kitsch is making a name for himself - he showed us that he can star in more than 1 bad movie & if you want a movie to fail then hire him!!

Well at least they were consistent - a disappointing intro with a voice-over that added nothing to the film and then an ending that really did not make sense & was disappointing.

Well looks like this review got it right - check out the SARCHONS INVADE THE MOVIES MOVIE REVIEW OF SAVAGES - funny stuff!

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Bad Bad Bad...., 19 June 2012

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Did I say it was bad?

Wow, this movie is bad! They take a good concept and screw it up. First when are you featuring music from bands that aren't Metal/Hard Rock?? The music is so watered down and lame it is crazy how anyone could think they wanna rock withe some of the songs and versions they perform.

Perform?? Of is that what you call how some of the stars are singing? Awful!! Why do they always cast movie stars that can't sing in musicals - it really adds to the suck factor in Rock Of Ages movie.

Script is all over the place and has a few scenes that should have been edited down or not film at all - the dance scene at the church is just embarrassing & the bar scene between Baldwin & Brand is a real head scratcher as to why it was in the movie at all.

Well the only good thing about this movie is this movie review from SARCHONS INVADE THE MOVIES - funny stuff and they are spot on in the review for the movie too:

Gonna give this movie a 2 - would have gotten a 1 if a few rock guys weren't in it in the background and like most of the featured music - just not these versions.



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Oh brother...., 6 June 2012

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Not a movie that anyone was asking for...

Why do they always screw up a decent idea - John Gulgar should be barred from making anymore movies. He really knows how to mess up a horror movie and could they not find any young stars who can act?? Also how can you make a horror movie without any horror - almost the entire final scene was filmed without much Piranha interaction with water park guests. The worst thing had to be Hasselhoff - can you beat a dead horse anymore with the invoke they were trying to make with him. Beyond Stupid! And finally the bloopers at end may have been longer than the actual movie - did they run out of cash? Instead of wasting $ on CGI effects, try doing it old school with an effects artist, as a movie like this could have really benefited from it.

Also, check out this awesome video review I found for Piranha 3DD by Sarchons Invade The Movies.....

This review pretty much hits the nail on this head with this movie.

"Sarchons say NO!" .....Awesome!