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it was okay
5 June 2012
I was a little disappointed in this film. I mean, it was good but I guess that I was expecting more. I get the metaphors, the subtext, the satire so that's not what didn't work for me. I'm not sure what it is. I will have to repost later when I figure it out.

However, the cinematography was great. I love the acting and pacing. I enjoyed the comedy and got the references. It wasn't completely bad for me(that's why I gave it a 7).

What's weird is that I usually enjoy surrealistic films. Idk, maybe I was in the wrong frame of mind whenever I watched it. I will have to try again later.
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Come and See (1985)
Wow... My favorite war movie.
5 June 2012
First let me say that I hate most war movies (I hate war in general actually). Most movies in this genre star handsome young charismatic Hollywood A-listers. They make it flashy and adventure full, with great catch lines. And 90 percent of them are about WWII. Alright, enough. We get it World War 2, Hitler, Mussolini, it was all bad.

But then finally someone covers what happened to the Russians. The Russians suffered the most casualties of the war but yet their stories are rarely told.

Cinematically, the movie is beautiful. The scene shots, long takes, the effects! Which aren't what we think of usually when one says "FX" because they are actually doing it! Shooting! Explosions! My film class watched it before me and they reviewed it together before me. One or two people went as far to say that after they watched it, they were deeply disturbed and it stayed with them well into the next day. I thought they were exaggerating... Until I watched it myself. I think this movie will haunt me anytime I ever think of it, from here on out.

Even if war movies make you cringe, I think everyone should see this movie.
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the original SLUM DOG millionaire
5 June 2012
seriously, I hope Danny Boyle gives credit to this film.

This movie is great! It's has everything, comedy, adventure, romance, tragedy. The acting is superb and the directing is equal (and mostly exceeds) movies put out today. And the budget for this movie had to be peanuts compared to what big studios offer us, which is usually garbage.

Also, what I enjoy the most, is that it crosses genres. In fact I saw this in another movie a while ago and I really wanted to see it in another movie... my wish came true. I actually found out it's sort of an Eastern European thing to do this so hopefully I can find some more similar titles.

The only bad thing it is SUPER hard to find this film, unless you pirate a copy. This makes me laugh because I imagine the Gypsie characters (and stereotypes) selling bootleg copies of this film in reality. Seems fitting, right?
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