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Alex Cross (2012)
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Don't Ever Cross Alex Cross? More like don't ever watch Alex Cross., 17 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was possibly the worst movie I've watched in 2012. It made me want to walk out of the cinema before half the show was over, and that's saying a LOT as I've sat through movies like 'The hotty and the notti' and 'epic movie'. I pretty much went into the cinema with zero expectations, having seen the awful ratings it received and at the same time being a fan of the Alex Cross series. Still, i was left squirming in my seat and muttering what the f-? half the time. The script was terrible, even a children's picture book would be more fascinating and less predictable. A complete waste of decent actors with totally one-dimensional roles such as Tyler Perry himself and supporting actors like Jean Reno, who did such an amazing job as Leon the Professional, and eventually ended up being remembered only as the rich man with the ridiculous two-digit-karat diamond ring with less than 10 minutes screen time YET being revealed as the mastermind behind the murders.

In the James Patterson series, Alex Cross isn't just revealed as a brilliant psychoanalyst solely because his fellow colleagues and family members said so. There is solid evidence provided to gradually convince readers into believing and respecting this man who fiercely loves his nana and holds his own as a black man in a chaotic society like Detroit. However, the audience in the movie is expected to believe that this man can make amazing deductions just because he deduced that his wife drank a frappé from a foam stain on her blazer jacket? That is pretty much the only deductive abilities he portrayed, aside from the wildly random 'HE'S ON THE TRAIN' comment which was just implausible. The other characters are just as bad; Alex Cross' partner Edward Burns was always conveniently missing from action scenes in an absurd attempt to allow Perry and Fox to have a showdown between themselves. Getting stuck by an iron wall and injured in a car accident which could have been avoided ENTIRELY (wait, how the hell did it happen again?!), his character might as well have been omitted entirely from the movie. The side plots are even worst, an unnecessary sex scene between Burns and his girlfriend whom he tries to hide from Cross who then finds out 3 minutes later (wow, how clever!), the boxing ring scene to display Fox's violent nature which was so badly filmed anyway, the three loser jesters who got shot on the train.. I could go on but it's not even worth recalling the scenes which did nothing to develop the plot or the characters.

Additionally, the villain is portrayed as someone so much more powerful and skilled than the protagonist that the audience cannot help but think Cross is weak and unable to protect his loved ones. Personally, I felt that Perry's Cross had no redeemable qualities about him, i couldn't care less if he got killed in the end, and that is the major failure in the movie. If a director doesn't even have the ability to create a likable/competent MAIN character in an action movie where a single chasing/fighting scene can set the stage for it, that makes his film a fluke. I would never catch the sequel even if i had to be dragged into the cinema and i truly hope that the upcoming Jack Reacher, which is also based on a famous thriller writer's character, will be less disappointing than this lousy excuse of an action movie.