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Thin Air, 22 July 2006

Series 2.

Episode 4.

Boyd and the team are called into investigate following the discovery of a dress in a lockup that belonged to a young girl who disappeared from Hampstead Heath whose body was never found ten years ago.

As they delve into the case of missing teenager Joanna Gold they discover family secrets, drugs, a younger sister with an eerie resemblance to the missing Joanna and a murdered former nanny.

but throughout the high profile case the team struggle to answer the most puzzling and most important question is Joanna Gold dead?

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1st Class Start for a First Class Show, 9 July 2006

A newly formed detective team, The Cold Case Squad are assigned their first investigation, to reopen the case of murdered schoolgirl Alice Miller, a fifteen year old schoolgirl, abducted on her way home from her friends house and found murdered two weeks later on dump naked,handcuffed raped, and wrapped in roofing felt. But when another girl is abducted in identical circumstances by the same man Boyd(Trever Eve), Grace(Sue Johnston), Mel(Claire Goose), Frankie (Holy Aird), and Spence(Will Johnson) must pull their efforts to catch the man responsible and detect what he is really after

Correct Cast List for Waking the Dead Pilot

Adie Allen .... Jenny Boyd Tyler Butterworth .... Mr. Michael Whitemore Noel Clarke .... Harry Elaine Claxton .... Mrs. Sheila Whitemore Steven Elder .... Dr. Clive Pearson Sam Loggin .... Kelly Warner Finbar Lynch .... Jimmy Marshall Lachlan Ryan .... Matt Boyd David Sterne ....Harvey Roger Taylor ....DCI Connor John Vine .... Supt. Mavers Amelia Warner .... Jodie Whitemoor

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Every Breath You Take, 9 July 2006

Series one: Episode 4: When the body of missing Police Sergeant Debbie Britton (Joanne Farrel)is recovered from Lambeth River on his birthday, Boyd (Trevor Eve)and his team must attempt to discover who would want to kill the pretty and heroic young Sergeant who saved two children during a gun raid and was catapulted to instant fame. Deciphering through a delusional stalker, a publicity seeking fake, and married lover.

Things take a different turn however when the body of Debbies stalker is recovered hanging from Lambeth Bridge shot and with a copy of his expose shoved in his mouth and Boyd, Grace (Sue Johnston), Spencer (Will Jonson), Frankie(Holly Aird), and Mel (Claire Goose) must find the killer before someone else is murdered.

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All Secrets Have To See The Light, 29 January 2006

In 1980s Tyneside accountant Freddie Musgave (Colin Buchanan) has exceeded his dreams he is in a successful partnership with the clever and wily Maggie Hewitt (Clare Higgins) and women love him but it all threatens to be ruined by the arrival of old face Mr Freeman (Terence Hillyer). As a child Freddie used to smuggle drugs to Rod Gallagher's house The Towers across the river. until one night. Gallagher's first wife lies in labour screaming before Freddie that he is not the father of her child incensed Gallagher orders the child is drowned and sends Freddie away. Two years later Freddie returns the towers to deliver more drugs to Gallagher and a large quantity of diamonds but during the transaction the police show up and Freddie is hidden in the secret attic where he finds the child belle who he witnessed be born. Without thinking he runs away with her closely followed by Rod Gallagher but during the course of the evening Gallagher is killed and his diamonds and money are robbed from him. Now Freeman wants the diamonds and is convinced Freddie has them, but Freddie has more important things on his mind his fellow ward Belle (Hannah Yelland) the child he saved has fallen in love with handsome and wealthy Marcel Birkstead (Stephen Moyer) but things don't sit right and Maggie is forced to tell her two wards that the Belle and Marcel may share the same the father pressed by Belle to find out the truth Freddie visits the former maid of Gallagher's house Connie Wheatley (Elizabeth Carling) and learns Belles mother had an affair resulting in Belle. Delighted, Marcel and Belle marry despite Freddies bad feeling but soon Belle is worried, her new husbands behaviour is erratic and alarmingly worrying and he is away from home on business frequently . Meanwhile Freddie is arrested for the murder of Rod Gallagher prompting a dying Maggie to tell the truth of what happened that night forcing the authorities to release her ward. Following the loss of Maggie, Belle begins to feel totally isolated at The Towers even more so when she is assaulted by her husband and she begs Freddie to rescue her but Freddie has just found out Marcel's secret. A secret that means that both he and Belle are in danger. Can he get to her in time?

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Colour of Love, 29 January 2006

Niamh Cusack takes centre stage in this adaptation of Catherine Cooksons Colour Blind. When Bridget Mcqueen (Niamh Cusack )returns home to her native Newcastle with her new husband(Tony Armatrading)her family are delighted until they discover hes black!.

The McQueen family go out of the way to pick fault with the marriage but when Bridget reveals she is pregnant the McQueens have no choice but to accept the marriage. The family are ostracised and Bridget avoids her racist family. But seaman James has to work away and when he is gone Matt (Bob Cryer) the family bully visits Bridget to "arrange" a miscarriage. During her pregnancy James keeps a close eye on Bridget but before the baby can be born he is called away again leaving Matt free to barge round to a heavily pregnant Bridget's house once more. but during the Bridgets labour her mother Kathie McQueen (Derbollah Malloy) has summoned Nellie Milligan to operate on Bridget and arrange for the baby to stillborn if it is black. But before the deed can be done, Bridget gives birth to a baby girl who she and James calls Rose Angela. The year's pass and Bridget and James live quietly rarely seeing friends accept for Tonythe orphan th McQueens took in who is secretly in love with Bridget but one night things come to a head Matt McQueen, still despising the young Rose-Angela and her father as much as ever, picks a fight with James, a fight which sees James almost kill Matt. Fearing for himself James runs away to sea leaving Bridget and snatching Rose-Angela until Tony persuades him to let her go. The Racial abuse continues in the second part of the story as a grown up Rose-Angela (Carmen Edjoba) works in service as a house maid but after tiring of being thought of as a mere whore she leaves and secures a job working as a housekeeper for an eccentric painter Micheal Stanhope (James Larkin) and the two fall in love but when things are shaken up with the return of James whose friend Hassan(Art Mallik)later confesses to Rose-Angela that he too is in love with her. Torn by her need to care for her dying father and her love for Micheal, Rose Angela must find a way to be with the man she loves despite the wagging tongues.

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Romantic Delusions, 26 January 2006

One of Barbara Taylor Bradford's quietly celebrated heart-warming tales Act of Will concerns the young orphan Audra. Forced into work by her greedy aunt and uncle Audra discovers a talent for nursing with her friend Gwen who is bold and brassy, the polar opposite to the shy and well spoken Audra the two friends both find love, Audra with the destitute Vincent Crowther and Gwen with Mike Leslie, whom she quickly drops in favour of the wealthy doctor Geoffrey Freemantle. Angered by her treatment of Billy, Vince makes it clear to his new wife Audra he has no time for Gwen and goes out of way to avoid her. But Audra had other things on her mind. She has just fallen pregnant and both parents to be are thrilled but Audra soon miscarries. Believing that a wife's duties begin in the bedroom Vince is soon getting intimate with his wife again, much to Audra discomfort his sexual appetite is insatiable. She soon falls pregnant gain this time delivering a child Christina who she dotes upon and raises to be an artist. Years later and free willed beauty Christina is preparing to tell her parents she had given up the career her mother sacrificed everything for her to have, in order to be a fashion designer. She is also secretly in love with Miles Sutherland a prominent politician and the two are deep in a passionate affair but it is threatened when Christina drops a bombshell on her lover that she is pregnant. Determined to keep the baby, Christina is delighted to have her lovers support but she is involved in a car crash which causes her to miscarry. Christina throws herself into her work in a bid to help her cope but she can't forget about her lost baby nor the fact that she increasingly has to share Miles with his controlling wife baby survive?

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Poirot Rides Again, 19 January 2006

David Suchet returns as Belgian supersluth Hercule Poirot in this new adaptation of the Agatha Christie novels. Whilst at a party Poirot discovers that Ruth, the honourable Mrs Derek Kettering is wearing a very infamous and priceless jewel, a Ruby called the heart of fire brought for her by her devoting father, Rufus Van Aldin, who confides to Poirot he wants his daughter to divorce her husband because he is not good enough for his little girl and later ties to bribe Kettering not to contest any divorce proceedings which Derek refuses infuriating Val Aldin. Meanwhile at dinner Poirots eager eyes notice a pretty young woman staring at a wine waiter with a confused expression. Sensing that the woman is in need of assistance he intervenes the woman introduces herself as Katherine Grey, a young maid who has just been left a small fortune by an old woman she took care. Poirot offers to steer her through the trials and tribulations of a first class dinner and the two are delighted to discover they are bound for the same destination, Nice via the Blue Train. Once aboard Poirot acquaintances himself with the fellow passengers, the nice as nice Lady Tamplin, her husband Corky, and daughter Lenox, Count De La Roch and Ruth Kettering and her husband. As the train moves around Paris, Marseilles, and finally docking at Nice, the body of Ruth Kettering is found, murdered in a brutal fashion, her face smashed in. her priceless Ruby is also gone Poirot and the French detective investigate her death and discover Ruth had been having an affair with the slippery Count De La Roch. But more clues begin unfurl as Poirot and Miss Grey settle in at the villa Marguerite, the lavish Riviera home of Lady Tamplin. And it is only when Miss Grey is also nearly murdered do the question begin to answer themselves in Poirots mind.

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Regal Masterpiece, 6 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Helen Mirren leads an all-star cast in this new TV drama chronicling the later life of the virgin Queen. Set as a two parter spanning two consecutive nights this lavish serial offers a different side to the private and public affairs of the Tudor Queen. The story starts with the aged Elizabeth cavorting with one of her favourites the dashingly handsome Earl of Leicester, (Jeremy Irons) but whilst she loves him she must oblige her councillors by entertaining the French Duke of Anjou as a potential husband. Pushed by her officials Lord Burghley (Ian McDiarmid) and Sir Francis Walsingham (Patrick Malahide). Whilst Elizabeth finds herself warming to the Duke, Leicester, seething with jealousy plots to rid the country of his love rival despite having secretly married his pregnant lover, the Lady Essex. When the Queen discovers the truth she banishes him from her court. Seven years later, troubles from abroad and from her imprisoned cousin, the catholic Mary of Scots (Barbara Flynn), force her to recall her shamed Leicester,who has since lost the child he risked his love for and isstuck in loveless marriage. The pair quickly fall back into each other's arms but Elizabeth's resolve is shaken when Leicester's stunningly handsome stepson Lord Essex (Hugh Dancy) arrives to accompany his father to the Netherlands. The weeks pass and as further threats from Spain persist Leicester, Essex and the Queen herself go to battle. The second instalment sees Elizabeth, robbed of her precious Leicester and fighting her obvious attraction to the handsome Lord Essex whose arrogance and position grow as the film progresses. She succumbs to her love for him, granting him money and power on her council. But whilst Essex had all he wants there is still one thing he is determined to have- the Queen. Amused at his ambitions the Queen distances herself from her favourite and focuses on conspiracies from her enemies, without the help of of her most trusted advisors Walsingham and Burghley who havesince died. But the culprit is closer to home then she might think. Now it is going to take all her fighting spirit, willpower, and men to calm the fears of the people and seize the powerful traitor and wait for her glorious ending.

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The Mark of a Legend, 6 November 2005

The legendary Spanish hero Zorro rides again in this long awaited sequel to the 1998 classic. Ten years have passed since Alejandro was recruited to replace the famous legend clothed in black. Now he is married to his predecessor's daughter Elena and has a son Joaquin (Adrian Alonso) but his life is not so content. Elena is neglected and worries that her husband and son are drifting apart and when Alejandro abandons her in the middle of argument to play the hero Zorro again she has enough and months later Alejandro is stunned to find his wife has sought a divorce. Determined to let to let her come to her senses Alejandro bides time in signing the papers convinced it is a test. His theories are shattered however, at a wine tasting ceremony he sees his wife on the arm of the handsome young Count Armand (Rufus Sewell) he is heartbroken to find that Elena has moved on and is a budding relationship with Armand and he goes out of his way to show him up. But as the relationship between Armand and Elena blossoms and marriage is discussed a startling revelation forces the de la Vegas back together to protect California and save its dreams of joining the united states. Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones shine as the warring partners in the film but the main star of the show has got to be young Adrian Alonso who is just superb as Joaquin de la Vega, the young son of Alejandro & Elena. This sequel is not to be missed and look out for some funny anecdotes form Tornado Zorro's Horse.

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Highflying Drama, 6 November 2005

Melanie Griffith stars in this quirky comedy about a secretary who steals her boss's job after her job idea is stolen. Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) a pretty hardworking young women has just turned thirty and with no sign of her career heading the way she wants it she changes her job and becomes a secretary to successful corporate high flier Katherine Parker (Sigourney Weaver). Pleased that her ideas are received and appreciated Tess thinks her career might actually head the way she wants it, until her boss injures herself and Tess is asked to collect some things. Whilst in her bosses apartment Tess comes across her idea for Trask, a big business that is in trouble, she is thrilled until she realises Katherine plans to use her idea and uses as her own. Incensed Tess plots revenge and places herself in Katherine's office and goes to see the head of Trask and puts her idea to him with the help of financial consultant Jack Trainer (Harrison Ford) who Tess is soon repressing feelings for. Things are made complicated however when Tess discovers Jack is Katherine's lover- the man she wants to and is certain she will marry. But can Tess complete the lucrative deal without Katherine finding out and if she does what will the future have in store for her both professionally and romantically.

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