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This list includes the use of make-up, mechanical and electronically effects, puppetry, sets, models, and matte backgrounds.
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Whoopie Goldberg
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List of the Best clut classics of all time.
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So bad they are awesome!
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The list puts into consideration: Animation Style, Originality, Heart, Warmth, Message/moral, Story/plot, Witt, Humor, Depth, Character development, Language/Dialogue, and Execution.

Animation is my field. i live and breathe to one day put smiles on future generations by captivating them with the same storytelling and messages that these films present through the medium of animation.

I hope you enjoy this list. They are all both wonderful and enlightening.
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This is a list compiling the funniest Male Movie and T.V actors.
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These are of movies that are centered on specific robot characters. (not just movies that have robots in them.)
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List of my favorite Teen Angst movies from the 1980s.
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Herein I have listed of what I think to encompass the best of the 1980's Romantic Heart-warming comedies.
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This is a list of movies that grip the soul. An exploration into what truly touches and change us; films that uplift, inspire, and clench our very core and heart; visual art that will forever take your breathe away and leave you vulnerable with thoughts and questions of the highest levels of importance: Our existence, love/hate, happiness/pain...and of that feeling in your heart when you feel like an explosion of emotions has gripped your heart. That feeling that makes you want to scream to the top of your lungs: ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! They Motivate and captivate us. They make us cry, applaud, laugh, feel rage and passion....they make us want to be better people.

In short, these movies will blow your mind. Have fun while you ride the roller-coaster of life and remember to live and let live. CARPE DIEM!