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universal, 18 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the kind of movies with several levels.

The first one is a story of a guy trying to escape prison until he realizes that the mental institution is worst, despite the impression it gives. A striking example is given when the nurse offers to make the patients vote on the proposition of Mc Murphy to watch baseball series on TV. First, she offers this because she knows she'll win over Mc Murphy, as the patients are too scared, too docile to publicly disagree with her. Then, she offers a second chance without mentioning that she wants the majority among people who can't vote. Finally, she argues that time was over when Mc Murphy succeeded in convincing a tenth patient. She impersonates the institution: leading you to think that they care while their only concern is to maintain their domination, their power whatsoever.

Here appears the second level: a criticism of these mental institutions, answering with authority to people who simply lack the tools to behave like the majority of the population. The only violence the patients show is the one they infringe to themselves. Which leads the only two that see clearly to use it against others, but only for justice: McMurphy against the nurse who led Billy to commit suicide, and the "Chef" against McMurphy to save him from a life of physical and mental imprisonment.

A third level deals with love, respect and attitude toward others in general. The main difference between McMurphy and everybody else, patients or institution, is that he treats everyone as equals, and this is what makes him the hero. His humanism is the core quality that will make him play cards with the ones that don't even understand the game (but who will say some of the most intelligent thing when asking how will they win back their money and cigarettes if the nurse keeps them "for their own good"), speak to the deaf and dumb (who appears to actually fake it), and give an opportunity for love to the one who is supposed to not be able to stand for it. And when he fails, at least, as he says in the beginning, he tries. The humiliation of him not being able to lift the block in the bathroom becomes a message of hope addressed to all of them who knew it was impossible but did not realize that the defeat is in the way they think not the fact that they were right on this matter. This key moment is a first step toward the final happy ending for the Indian guy.

For all this reasons, this movie really moves me. The actors are exceptional, the grey and cold atmosphere that contrasts with the mood of the hero and with the scene of party and happiness near Christmas or with the one on the boat is perfect for the movie. I simply was not convinced by part of the end, maybe because it went too fast. I don't know. I did not like the opening credits and the poster ether, which may be details but other movies showed that these could be art and I like when filmmaker are perfectionist.

Overall, I rated the movie 10/10 not because it was perfect but for all the levels I saw in it. It, for sure, will make me think about it for long, and rise questions about life in general.

PS: sorry for my English, I hope it is still understandable ;)

Milk (2008/I)
Good, not excellent, 20 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Great cast, except for Diego Luna who I really did not find credible. Sean Penn is quite moving, even though it's always difficult to forget the star he is when he embodies that kind of character. Someone less famous could have been a better choice, even if he is really good. I also liked Josh Brolin, except when he walks in the corridor at the end. I found that his face did not express the right emotion then. But when I saw the interviewed in the DVD bonus, I understood why. He says he was impressed by the fact that the scene really happened there (the movie is filmed in the real city hall). And I think we can see him thinking of that, instead of being the character at that moment. Globally, I liked the movie but expected it to be better. The story, the 1970s, the actors were excellent ingredients but it makes a good movie, nothing exceptional. It is too centered on Harvey Milk's love life, and I would have preferred to be more immersed in the gay hatred atmosphere of the time, in their deep suffering.

A surprise, 12 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Martin Scorsese did several excellent movies and Taxi Driver is definitely one of them, although very much different.

Same for De Niro : excellent actor, including in this movie but here he plays very differently and showed me how great of an actor he is. And again, same for Jodie Foster.

The general atmosphere is well painted and allows you to go deep into the limit between madness and normality if not heroism. Everything is confused as in the mind of the hero, Travis, or as in life. You feel scared, horrified, and sympathetic at the same time all along the movie.

I did not like the killing scene because of the suddenly strange tone and colors of it but, to the contrary, I liked the ending very much.

I did not expect the movie to be like this (I thought it would me more "classic") and this surprise was a very good one...

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Disappointing, 2 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

At first I liked the movie. I love thriller, especially the ones involving history, and the atmosphere in the 70s movies.

Actors are good, even though Dustin Hoffman is quite old to be a PhD student. I liked the very beginning with the two old guys, but found it stupid that they die this way.

Quickly, the movie turns out to be very disappointing. The plot is vague, not very original, and, above all, contains major non-senses (like the scene in the house when "Babe" tries to escape with his girlfriend : why does the cop kill his partner instead of Babe, since he wants to kill him just after?). Everything is obvious (a corrupted cop, a deceiving German lover), end included.

I really don't understand the success of this movie.