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go watch it now!!!!!!!!!, 2 June 2012

I have to say I'm truly shaken by this movie. I didn't expect at all that it would be this good.I have always been a great fan of "karishma kapoor" whether it is in "dil to pagal hai" or my favorite "zubeidaa".Se has been my favorite actress since childhood and since i opened my eyes to Bollywood and I have to say no one, I repeat no one could have played this part better than her.The 4 regressions are each beautifully detailed and well constructed and all very very meaningful,my favorite one being the one with he punjabi girl and the scene in which she has to climb into a true of dead bodies and lie among them sends chills down my spine.I am very surprised that this movie received such negative reviews however the thing is we have become used to watching boy girl love song trouble song plan song and marriage song that we are unaccepting to a different refreshing story like like the one of dangerous ishq. The soundtrack is beautiful no anarkali disco chali no item song but it deeply touches your soul a power possessed by the great "himesh reshmaiyaa". The makeup and costumes could not be faulted no matter how hard I tried. Karishma was looking radiant as usual and perfect for each regression .The makeup covered 5 centuries perfectly.

Although I would say that you require an IQ above 2 to understand and appreciate such a movie which unfortunately most people don't posses.All in all a terrific movie must watch and the twist at the end was spectacular. In conclusion sound,story,costume,makeup,location all great. Couldn't ask for anything better.