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What an awesome roller-coaster of a movie, 21 November 2008

I have read the book after seeing the trailer for the movie and wasn't overawed by it, but last week saw the movie and I have to say that Mr Howitt has created a work of genius.

He has managed to take all the tat out of the book and turn it into one fantastic movie. Admittedly it would be difficult to follow with the time flips if you hadn't read the book and the film is based in the UK as opposed to the US in the most part in the book.

But what a movie. Shocked by the ending, but what a ride all the way there. It was a movie that stayed with me all day the next day after watching it - it made me laugh, cry and feel emotive towards Noah - the anti-hero.

It will be the next Trainspotting for cult status. It was the only film in an awful long time that I wanted to watch again the next day to absorb everything that went on. Peter - you have managed to turn a good book into a wicked movie. I just cannot understand why it wasn't bigger, when you see the tat that the big studios release and earn millions - why was this not one of them? Wonders never cease.

My name is my own!

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The best of British Comedy films, 4 July 2008

This was an absolutely shocking surprise hit for me. I watched it last night and cannot believe that it passed me by for nigh on 9 years.

From the outset I was belly laughing at it. The plot was completely surreal and I was amazed that the whole story of Harold was lapped up and accepted by people.

This is one indie movie that needs to be bigger. Trainspotting was the benchmark for how a British movie should be made, but this one moved the bar. It has just completely trashed my "top 5" of movies and I cannot fault one part of the film. I just want to sit in front of my TV and watch it again and again.

The cast was perfect. All characters were realistic, and it was just pure entertainment from start to end. I insist that you see it NOW!

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What a big pile of pants!! Don't waste your money, 30 March 2007

Never in my life have I been so bored out of my skull. Even the staff at the multiplex agreed with me.

This is 90 minutes of my life that I cannot get back. The only endearing factor in this very sad chapter of my life was that there was a trailer for the Simpsons movie and Stardust. Even the advert for Orange mobile phones was funnier - and if you are a UK movie-goer you will appreciate how bad that makes this movie look.

Rowan Atkinson should have retired after Blackadder goes forth. He has left a bad taste in my mouth and a hole in my pocket.

People of America: Please please please do not think that this is typical British humour. I cannot apologise enough for my country for this pitiful excuse for a celluloid dream. Watching 90 minutes of the "paint-drying" channel would have been more constructive - at least I could then have had a competition with the other bored viewers as to which part was going to dry last! Read a book, write a poem, lobby your local government representative about anything, take up a hobby, mow your lawn or even just ring your loved ones and tell them that you care - this would be a better use of your time that watching this old tat!