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Best in Show (2000)
Sassy little gem
10 March 2017
I have been in the dog field since I was a teenager, from the time I was 15, when I started volunteering at the local shelter. I am still a shelter volunteer but now work in the dog grooming industry. Let me tell you, this mockumentary nails the colourful array of people that are in the industry perfectly!

I last saw this movie in the early 2000s and I have to say, it gets better with each viewing. The cast is perfect for the roles of each eccentric who throws themselves in the world of Conformation dog showing, form the handlers, to the owners and to the announcers and host. Of course, I can't leave out the gorgeous dogs who steal each and everyone of their scenes.
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Goof Troop (1992–1993)
8 March 2017
Goof Troop was among the shows in the wonderful lineup that was Disney Afternoon, a staple of many growing up in the 1980s to 19990s. Featuring the classic Disney characters, Pete and Goofy and their families, this was the first animated Disney sit-coms instead of the usual adventure-based story lines, though with the show's lineup, there was certainly adventure of the goofy kind!

Admittedly I didn't pay as much attention to Goof Troop as much as I did with Darkwing Duck, I have grown to appreciate the show now more in my thirties. Along with the engaging characters, the show is very well animated with few flubs that I can see. A recommendation to anyone seeking something lighter to watch!
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Superb adaptation
7 March 2017
I first saw this retro anime series when I was at least seven years old, when it aired here in Canada on TVO. I never missed an episode and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I have recently rewatched the series and it was just as wonderful as I remember it being.

This series is by far more loyal to the original Carroll Lewis material than the Disney versions of either 1951 or 2010, though not without creative licensing being used. The animation is solid, the characters are colourful and memorable and for the most part, so is the writing though there are flubs here and there; for example, characters that have run into each other in one episode are introduced to another in an upcoming episode.

All in all, a superb show that I highly recommend to anyone!
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Rock of Ages (2012)
Just good fun
30 December 2016
Every now and then you come upon a movie that just makes you want to get up and dance, and for me, Rock of Ages is just that!

Based on the live stage production with the same name, Rock of Ages follows a relatively simple plot; it's the 1980s, a small town girl goes to LA in hopes of making it big, she finds there's just more to it than that. She meets a beau, and the rest? Well, you'll have to watch it to find out. Along with a catchy soundtrack, the cast is great; there's Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin as support, along with the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Malin Akerman. This is a movie I pop into the DVD player at least twice a year and just feel so good after seeing!
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Christmas Town (2008 Video)
Pure fluff
25 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
On my first viewing of Christmas Town a number of years ago, on the wee hours of Christmas, I wasn't that impressed. You can laugh, but I found my snoozing pet rat at the time more interesting.

However, the second time around, the movie warmed to me. It's a simple story line; workaholic mother and her son go on a trip to visit her grandfather during the holiday season, who happens to live in a very Christmas-sy town. There's Christmassy themed bistros, announcements over the radio about reindeer births, you name it, it's happening there.

The movie isn't a high budget shiny production, but it's a cute romp worth a look or two.
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A Gift Wrapped Christmas (2015 TV Movie)
A hidden gem
25 December 2016
Every holiday season brings a new wave of specials for you to to curl up under a warm blanket to watch. Some of these movies and specials are real duds, while some others however, are hidden gems.

"A Gift Wrapped Christmas" is one of those hidden gems. I came upon this movie on the wee hours of Christmas morning of 2016 and I really felt it was worth staying up to. While the story isn't completetly original, the cast has great chemistry together and a wicked villainess to watch out for, with warm fuzzies abound and some tasty looking cookies! Only thing I wished was for was for us to see that toboggan ride!
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Underrated holiday treat
16 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Every year I watch the same classics as most others do around this time of the year; A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, Charlie Brown, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Frosty, just to name a few. But among them, is this little gem.

Taking place in Philadelphia, Fat Albert and friends help a out of luck family when their car breaks down and offers them shelter when the mother is expecting another child. A greedy business owner, wants their clubhouse torn down. However, with the help of Fat Albert and an old friend, Mudfoot, he has a change of heart and allows the clubhouse to remain.

Although similar in some ways to a Christmas Carol, I am most reminded of the Andy Griffith special in which another old miser gets his nose out of joint with regards to another poor family. This is a charming family friendly feature that is only half an hour; not too much out of our time!
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Charming movie
25 December 2012
This is truly a cute little little known that I feel deserves more recognition. It appears this movie was made on a low budge but something about that adds a certain warm quality to it. I had a very hard time finding this movie and had to order it from one of the local music stores here. A truly charming look at small theatre. Jeremy Irons has certainly shown that he is more than capable of comedy; something I'd like to see him in more often! The only drawbacks to this movie is the poor sound (and sometimes lighting) quality; I would love to see a DVD release.

I would recommend this movie to any fan of Hopkins, Irons, theatre or just anyone looking for something different and light in nature.
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War Horse (2011)
Brilliantly moving
3 January 2012
I have seen so few movies that have affected me like War Horse had done. I believe the last movie which had made almost as big of an impact, was back in 1994 when The Lion King made a lasting impression on me. To say this movie had impressed me and become a new favourite of mine today, would be an understatement.

Although regarded as many as being nothing but sap, I feel this could not be further from the truth. The story is a simple one and in my eyes, this is a good thing. Not every movie has to have a complex storyline to be effective. There is just so much heart in War Horse, which I feel is sadly lacking in too many movies, replaced by cheap CGI.

The harsh realities of war for both man and beast were tastefully shown, and few can deny the outstanding cinematography from the rolling hills of the English countryside, to the stark No Man's Land. The expressions of the very well trained horses were beautifully captured. Who said animals are incapable of showing emotion? I also believe their human counterparts were very well played; both sides are shown to have suffered the terrible effects a war brings.

In short, well done, Spielberg. Well done.

If you haven't already, do consider reading the book the movie is based on by Michael Morpurgo and the stage play, which this movie had made me more excited about seeing in Toronto this upcoming April. All three takes on War Horse are no doubt in my mind, a fine tribute for the millions of horses that had sacrificed their lives in the war.

Remember: they had no choice.
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A true gem!
25 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When I was in grade three, this series was a staple of my childhood. Each day it was on, I would wake up early to watch it. Even if we had the VCR set to record it, there was nothing like seeing it live.

While Disney's adaptation was delightful to me, I too preferred this version over this. Not only was it more faithful to the original novel, I liked seeing a more in depth look to Mowgli's relationship with his wolf family. By far, my favourite character was Shere Khan. Mowgli had other enemies, including a man who had kidnapped him for a circus and enormous packs of dholes and rogue wolves, but none drew me in as much as the infamous tiger. My young Canadian self was sad to see him go.

The animation was beautifully done, particularly the lush landscapes. The character designs were delightful, sometimes detailed, sometimes simplistic, adding personality to the characters. It is my hope that the whole series is one day released on DVD, creating a new generation of fans!
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