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Dino Rangers rock!, 19 May 2004

Yes! So far, DinoThunder is rocking and the action sequences and storyline have improved over past Power Ranger seasons. With the return of Tommy as the Black Dino Ranger, he's also the science teacher at Reefside High School and mentor to three students: Conner (Red Ranger, Ethan (Blue Ranger) and Kira (Yellow Ranger). The historical 500th episode which was PRDT's 4th episode, had Tommy's video diary of his Power Ranger past and other Ranger teams are revealed. Power Rangers DinoThunder is so far doing its best. The evil White Ranger has just been recently revealed and the Rangers are having a hard time to have him join their team as they also fight against the menacing Mesosgog and his minions Zeltrax, Elsa and their foot soldiers called Tyrannodrones. The action never loses it, but some episodes get lame sometimes. I can't wait to see the Triassic Ranger next.