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Modern Family (2009– )
Good humor, too many stereotypes
31 May 2012
I have to admit that this show has grown on me, I watch it regularly and the humor seems to have improved later on. I also watch it out of nostalgic Bundy sentiments... However, I still don't see why it is supposed to be the best show in the comedy lineup. And here are the reasons why:

  • They just went berserk with stereotypes. I mean come on, here are the "gays", there the "dorks", there the high school sweetheart. This is overused to the extreme! Is it so difficult to produce an American series without clichés?

  • Name just one character that has not gone on your nerves at some point! I can't. They are not unlovable, but why do they always have to behave in the same, shrill way?

  • The main issue bothering me: It is not believable for any of the pairs that at one point they have met and liked each other for long enough to still be together. I just can't see this realistically - or even unrealistically in a sitcom world. Also, how come at least half of the characters are not dead yet? Judging by the idiocy going on every week, which is funny in the situation - but all in all, who could always dodge bullets for a longer period?

On one hand this is cartoon slapstick humor, on the other hand the show has set itself the semi-realistic challenge to portrait a modern family suited to current society. Somehow it does neither to a full extent.
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Grimm (2011–2017)
A Good Idea, Average Execution
31 May 2012
In the beginning I watched it, the premise was creative and intriguing. Using the Grimm fairy tale world as a template for an alternate reality seemed interesting. Sadly the writers proved just to be producing another average American cliché TV series. The storyline is the same in every episode: there are "baddies", at some point the "hero" finds himself alone in danger for some reason (great police-work) and finally subdues the "baddy" using physical methods. Sorry, that is not creative and entertaining enough, and the connecting storyline of some major conspiracy including the Police Chief is not that interesting that you would not get bored by the single episodes. It's just kids' TV - not really suitable for kids, though. I also wondered where they got the strange names for the creatures from. They somehow seem German, but they are not. And the pronunciation just butchers the German language. All in all they could have done a fascinating, modern show, where you immerse yourself more and more in an alternate world and a series- spanning storyline. Sadly, what they did is an outdated concept of stereotypical episodes, which soon leaves you bored.
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