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"10.5" (2004)
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Wow Ellensburg is on the map, 4 May 2004

Well its nice to know Hollywood knows so much about Ellensburg....I'm sure the people at Central Washington University(CWU), or as Hollywood says UCW, would love to know we have a great geolab. Although it was nice of Hollywood to put a small town like Ellensburg they should get their info straight. Ellensburg is not exactly a suburb of Seattle as Hollywood likes to Hollywood get your info straight next time and UCW...come on...figure out what a college goes by just as if you were citing a source...its CWU. This movie needed a lot of help the camera angles were terrible, the music wasn't parallel through the movie, the story line was fakish, and it had a thrown together feeling. Next time you have an idea for a movie try to finish you though before its put into film.