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Why? That's the question serious movie goers ask when these people are cast as the lead or supporting role in any film that would've been great with someone else in the role. Hollywood please stop.
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Summer is here and it's time to kick back and have fun. These movies are sure to not only put you in the mood, but will have you wanting summer to last forever.
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The holiday season isn't complete without any of these great films.
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These are not just must-see movies. They are movies that regardless of a person's favorite genre will invoke lasting enjoyment for all audiences every time they are watched. They are the true definition of "a classic".
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Typically in film history it's always been the male who takes the lead while the female takes the passenger seat. Here's a list of ladies give new meaning to the word "boss". Let's also give credit to the "boss" actresses who gave these characters life.
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Hollywood has been on the search for the next generation of A-listers. Putting these top actors in the lead at the boxoffice will equal nothing but gold.
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The first release was such a hit, they should have left it that way. But no...they got greedy and pushed out a terrible sequel that said, "We just want to make guaranteed bank! Who cares about continuing the quality of the first one."
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These timeless TV shows never had a drought in their ability to make audiences laugh or forever use lines from the shows' characters in their own daily lives. Listed in order of series premiere date.
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If these actors are in a film, I hope the studio, (and you), didn't spend much so that the disappointment will be slim. Unless silent films are going to make a comeback, don't expect much from these top 10.
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What happened to these superstar actors who were the "A List" before the "list" even existed? Does anyone remember these past big-time stars and if so, how did they miss the staying power that back-in-the day but still current big-timers like Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep have?
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Why are these people ever nominated or worse, repeatedly nominated for an Oscar? Some have even won! Only explanation...they're friends with the highest voting Academy Members who forget the rest of the world votes by on-screen performance since we don't know them personally. Oscars should go to those we don't recognize as themselves on film, without any costuming assistance.
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This list may include some nice guys on a personal level but on a strictly business level, (ticket sales), their talent shows they should be filling "That Guy" roles as opposed to the leading man position. Hollywood enough is enough!
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Starting with the first on the list being the most painful to watch to number ten being the most tolerable. If only the people on this list would stick to their day jobs the public can still have respect for them as an "artist". Unfortunately these days too many music performers dream of winning an Oscar instead of sticking to the only thing they're good at...making music.
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Hollywood won't go wrong putting these hot newbies high on their Leading Man or Leading Lady lists. Audiences will flock to theaters just for the fabulous view. Add their talent and you've got box office gold.
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Looking for a good, lasting scare instead of just gore? Any one of these great flicks will do. Just be sure you're really ready to be scared.

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A film with the name of any of these directors on it guarantee its magnificence. These directors get to the heart of human interest and provide greatness for the public audience from action to drama or for most on this list, all genres of film.
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These masterpieces left audiences in awe from beginning to end. The story, screenplay, acting, effects, cinematography, and the directing were phenomenal which left the public baffled as to why these films did not receive "Best Picture" over the film that won during their year.
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If only we could carbon copy some of these actors to keep them around forever. These actors make a film what it is. Without them we would only be somewhat entertained by film. These are names that guarantee their role in the film is worth seeing even if the story isn't.
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These are lifelong classics that will always bring out the kid in everyone.
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Take the current funny-man, (or woman), in the industry paired with an action packed, well written screenplay and you get this list of blockbuster successes.
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Action movies for fans who want everything that keeps moviegoers on the edge of their seats so that they walk out of the theater feeling like they've just skydived.
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These timeless classics are like curling up with a good book in front of a warm fire on a rainy day with nothing but time on your hands. No matter your mood, they'll fill you with happiness.
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Looking for a movie that will make you fall in love again and again? These titles will never fail at melting even the coldest hearts.
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Most of these are classics that Hollywood has unfortunately turned into recent movies and failed terribly at re-inventing them. Classics are such because they cannot be improved. They were perfect to begin with.
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All of these movies are a "must-see" if you're introducing yourself into the world of Sci-Fi. These are cult classics and a few mainstream ones. Movies on this list focus strictly on Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Horror/Sci-Fi films that are just about people being eaten are not included on this list.
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Strictly action movies that entertained from the beginning to the end with good, believable action and a phenomenal story. This list does not include sci-fi/fantasy films.
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These aren't your typical comedies. Some come with a lot of blood spill and others are just plain twisted. All however appeal to a unique audience who enjoy laughing at that fine line between funny and grim.
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These titles are heart pounding, adrenalin pumping, keep you guessing hits that pull anyone in whether they're a fan of this genre or not. No matter how many times you watch them, they get you every time.
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You know the face. Now if you only could remember what movie you saw "that guy" in.
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These stars make, (or made), an action movie a true summer blockbuster.
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These women are the definition of acting. They exude passion as a complete package, (looks, persona, ability to carry a line). They have the skill to make you think their characters truly exist. They are the reason why people don't just go to see a film, but leave satisfied and wanting more. Hollywood please take notice and put them on the big screen more often. You'll definitely see an increase in ticket sales.
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For males & females. Movies on this list will win you both over.
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These lovely ladies may not be the best acting talents on the market as far as versatility goes but audiences sure love to see them on screen no matter what. They just have what it takes to pack a theater.
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A list of comedies to watch when you need to remember what that stomach cramp feels like during a real, good laugh. Warning...not for anyone who just got stitches.