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A list of all time favorite tv-series that I had been seen in my hole life... Both Danish and UK / US / Swedish are listed...
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List Of All DVDs And VHS That I Own
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Here is a list of all Christmas Adventures what had been broadcasted on Danish TVs from the very first to latest.

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This is a list of the Calendars that is not on IMDB
2004 - DR2 show "Jul i den gamle kolbøttefabrik"
2004 - Kanal 2 show "Nisserne - Det endelige opgør" (not on IMDB)
2005 & 2006, 2009 - TV2 also aired "Martin og Ketil - Jul for begyndere" + TV2 Zulu 2007.
2006 - DR1 also show a low-kids adventure "Julefandango med Sebastian og Chapper" Re-aired: 2009.
2008 - DR1 also show "Julefandango med Sigurd Barrett" for the 1st time.
2009 - DR Ramsjang show a low-cut kids adventure "Shane viser Jul i Gammelby"
2011 - DR Ramasjang also show "Hotel Krølle På Halen" Re-aired: 2016 (DR ULTRA)
2013 - DR Ramasjang. Once again show a small low-kids adventure to show some oldies in "Shane viser Jul På Slottet"
DR Ultra. JULTRA: Store Nørdernes Julekalender
2014 - DR3. Show a non fiction Christmas Adventure *beep* med dn jul" from the man behind *beep* med dn hjrne"
DR ULTRA. JULTRA: Sofie og Bubbers jul
2016 - DR2. "Rytteriets Jul" a 4 episode mini-series, based on the comedy series "Rytteriet" with a lot of the normally caracteres.

Always wonder why this and all the low-cost DR2 Calendars (Hjælp, Det Er Jul! og Jul I Kommunen ect.) never was released on DVD. If someone know anything about it ur welcome to write me here
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The best movies I ever had seen must bee James Bond (Full Collection) specially The Man With The Golden Gun, Dr. No (for the music scenes) and From Russia With Love... The other movies is all that came out from Denmark, mostly Olsen Banden and actor Ove Sprogøe movies
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A List of the very best Danish Film (TV/VHS/DVD) I had ever seen