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Gold (2013/I)
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More profound than it looks like, 1 May 2015

I remember very well the feeling I had when I walked out of the theater after watching "Gold" : the movie was so realistic that I couldn't get out of my mind life's knocks during the particular era of the movie - and how lucky I was to live in Europe these days, have a secure job, a house and loving family.

"Gold" deals with a common story of the 19th century in North America : a trek of settlers decide to go up north in search for gold. The variety of characters makes it easy to identify with a least one : there is the lonely guy, the intriguing girl, the elderly couple, the crook ... the harshness of nature and human behavior point out their vulnerability but can also reveal their pugnacity and strong character.

Everything seems to match in "Gold" : the beautiful landscapes without any track of man, the very discreet music, the simplicity of these settlers' habits, the whole making this movie quite fascinating. I absolutely recommend it to anyone willing to see what a contemporary western could be.

The Rover (2014)
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What would be a world where law has completely disappeared ?, 29 June 2014

The Rover is an anti-blockbuster mainly because of its rhythm : it is very slow, therefore preventing many people to stick to it while watching it.

What you get here is not some amusement but rather gives material to think. We're not escaping from existence, like with e.g. Gravity, Hunger Games or whatever acclaimed propaganda. And it is quite disturbing as the more we go on watching the movie, the more we confront with some reflections about our time : there's no more gods, no more laws and we're getting increasingly isolated. Just the gruesome reality. People are striving to survive and protect what is theirs (always material things), though remains some hints of optimism - and Pattinson is playing quite well on this regard.

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An overview of Japanese culture - and one of the best to this date, 8 April 2014

An old couple goes to Tokyo to visit their children. The best thing they will face then would be indifference, as their children show them few respect and love.

The theme is very interesting, very different from what we've seen in western theaters : in the US and Europe, the movie shows a personal and individualist point of view(that's my opinion) whereas here, even though you empathize with the old couple, you never feel that "Tokyo Story" tells their story, but actually one facing every human being(and this would be about loneliness).

The actors are great, every word coming out of their mouth is like a treasure(as it is showing a lot of an era, of a country, of a language, of cultural codes - count of many times Miss Hirayima says to her husband : So desu ka and So desu ne), and the range of emotions they make you feel is quite wide.

I am grateful that I saw this movie, and I hope you reader can do as well, as I can assure you that it will, for sure, broaden your mind.

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He was living there, buried alive., 30 March 2014

A stranger, with a foreign accent, asks if he can follow a family on the road towards the South. The father agrees, though everyone look at him warily. Everyone but Lilith, the 12 year-old girl who looks 8, fascinated by this man fixing his gaze on her.

Lucia Puenzo is known for exploring difficult and unusual relationships, and this particular feature makes her movies quite appealing. Add to that, beautiful landscapes, solid directing and you've got one of the best thrillers of 2013.

Also interesting to see, the way South America coped with ex-NSDAP members and how they continued to live and work amidst general indifference.

Some things seem like never ending, and as such this movie truly acts like a spell.

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Very idealist and realistic at the same time, 19 December 2012

I must say that I was amazed of the quality of this show, the great actors, dialogs and script overall. To be honest, it is the first time I felt like not watching a TV show, but actually living it.

Amy is a middle aged woman, trying to find herself after various failures : with work, partner, family... she's trying to do the right thing, to change though being the same in many ways.

This show is very similar to what many people must have lived : looking for some kind of redemption. No matter what is your job, no matter your religion, sex, or financial situation. Many try to do better, to be better.

Finally, Amy reminds us something important : that to live is not only about doing things, but also thinking about them.

Outstanding Show.

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Very funny, very Scandinavian, 12 December 2012

Well, I'll try to elude subjective views as I lived in Sweden - I know this movie takes place in Norway, but anyone whom has lived in either of these countries would say that they are very similar culturally speaking.

So, the main character is Kaja, a young, vivid women living with her husband and son in a remote place. Everything seems to be perfectly normal, in appearance... until a young couple coming from the city moves in next door.

And then, the "faithful heterosexual family" norm is all falling apart, everybody is trying to get attention from the wrong person and it results VERY funny and critical regarding the so-called egalitarianism of Scandinavian countries.

I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to have a laugh and open its mind.

"Misfits" (2009)
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Youth today in developing countries, 26 November 2012

This drama is centered on 5 young offenders whom have been struck by lightning and had to live with superpowers subsequently.

The interesting thing in this TV series is the way youth is showed, which is, through the "super power" : everyone is different, the beauty, the loner, the insensitive, the sensitive, the remorseful. Their super power is enhancing their character, helping them to find who they are and who they are not. Though their differences, they all have something in common, they are lonely at some point.

I think this is a quite a good metaphor of what all young people experienced somehow ; well, I guess, that's a feeling you've got all along your life (ie. finding who you are), the only difference being that you might be more radical when you're young regarding your feelings(melancholy, hope, despair...).

This drama reminds me of Skins(character's study, dark humor), this "Misfits" adding the subtle touch.

Triangle (2009)
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Bad acting, bad plot, bad movie, 16 November 2012

Well, everything is summed up in the title, but I'll try to explain anyhow.

First thing we get acquainted with, is the (really) bad acting of Melissa George. Gosh. No emotion, no mystery, that's all boredom. The others actors are OK, not good nor bad.

Then the plot ; well at first I was quite intrigued : the location is quite unusual(a ship) and I was curious to see how the director would use the son's autistic syndrome and the mother's paranoia. I recommend you not to see how, it doesn't worth it.

This movie reminds me the "saw" movies in the way that it is reshowing complete parts of the previous films. Only difference, in "Triangle" they didn't even wait to put them into the next one, but rather 20 minutes later into the same movie.

An in-depth analysis of the french labor market's situation and human psychology, 4 November 2012

"Sur mes lèvres" is the first Audiard's movie which gained national and international recognition : it depicted the relationship between two abnormal people, and how they interact with their direct environment, i.e. their work.

Audiard's movies are quite interesting and unique, as he is always using the same method : first acting as a sociologist, then as a psychologist. Finally, giving free thinking to the watcher.

In this very movie, we are first getting acquainted with the job's situation in France : quite open when it comes to communication (we've got a deaf and an ex-convict in the firm )but sclerosed when it comes to the issue of real equality.

The psychologic part begins when these two people are meeting : apart from their mutual attractiveness, something else is going on ; what ? you've got all your mind to think about it !

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We always stay children ..., 17 September 2012

"Camille redouble" is quite characteristic of the current french cinema evolution : there have always been comedies, though the new ones are more energetic, colorful, while still keeping some seriousness .

Indeed, this movie is about Camille, a 40-something years old woman struggling in her present life, who has the chance to visit her teenage past. She's trying not to re do the same errors,saying to her parents how much she loves them, trying to bar her future boyfriend to approach her... though it appears that all these attempts are not functioning well. And it reminds us that there is no way trying to change the past, we just have to live with it...

This movie is very interesting, in its approach of some major elements of everyone's life : death, friendship, love. Usually, for a deep analysis of the latter themes you would see a grim movie(at least in France), but with this one, you will come out of the theater thinking and yet with a smile on your face.

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