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A truly original and intelligent cult comedy., 28 May 2012

What a thrill to be the first to give a review of a film that hasn't come out in theaters yet. My girlfriend and I saw this film here in New York at the Buffalo film festival. There's nothing better than getting hit in the face with a funny movie when you weren't expecting much at all. It's hard to describe the exact story line (no spoilers here) because it's one of those character driven films. I relate it to a Seinfeld episode where it's a show "about nothing" but then after watching it, the characters all intertwine and this intense story emerges from all the laughing and horseplay. Very unique and stylish film. M.O.G. Redux has this retro look and feel to it. The poster said it was based in the 90's. It's in the same vein as buddy films like American Graffiti, Diner, Clerks, etc. Guys hanging out, talking shop and getting into trouble. The humor was wild, original and without giving any plot away, the story takes a dramatic turn in a totally different direction. "Sean" and "Jacob" are the main two leads of the four. "Sean" is the womanizer who's quick with his lines and has a little bit of an evil flare to him. He strives to become a recording artist, sings and plays the piano. His friend "Jacob" aspires to become a writer, he's still a virgin and attempts to remedy his situation. The other two friends are "Brent", who always has something clever to say, he's from the southern states and "Ricky", who has gone thru a bad break up and is going heavy on the drugs. There were some very emotional moments. I can recall sitting in the audience laughing my *ss off and then later you could hear a pin drop and the sound of runny noses. (my girlfriend also needed 'that shoulder') But all that aside, this film is funny and very entertaining. I liked the humor because it was believable and not just thrown together out of thin air like a cheap Adam Sandler film. My girlfriend gagged at a few jokes and thought a couple scenes were way over the top, but I thought they were dead on hilarious. By the time it was over it left us with some small debates over some of the meanings and conclusions in the film. It's one of those films that everybody will have their own opinion about, similar to a Kubrick film, where 2 people can see the same movie and get 2 different meanings from it. Hell of a film. It was a redux? We've never heard of the first M.O.G. but after looking it up, found out it was never in theaters nor available on DVD. Congratulations to the hilarious cast and the makers of this film. Great job. We loved it and give you thumbs way up.