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This is a comprehensive list of Jewish actors and actresses from all over the world.

Note #1: The criteria required to be listed are as follows: (1) Being born to one Jewish parent (biological birth only, adoption will not count); (2) Formally converting to Judaism (all denominations are acceptable).

Note #2: Simply self-identifying as a Jew or for that matter being born a Jew and self-identifying as something else (ie. Christian/Buddhist/etc.) is irrelevant to one's actual Jewishness. As long as the criteria listed above are met, one will be counted as a Jew in this list.

Note #3: This is, or will be soon a VERY comprehensive list so do not be fooled by the total number of people who appear on the list. Most likely, the vast majority of those listed will be completely unknown to you.

Note #4: Listing is not in alphabetical or chronological order, but care will be taken to place the more prominent actors higher on the list.

Note #5: This list is a work in progress and will be constantly updated as more information becomes available.

Note #6: All persons listed herein are fully confirmed by multiple reliable sources to be Jewish based on the criteria posted above. Those that MAY be Jewish but cannot be fully confirmed by outside sources will not be included until more information becomes available.

Note #7: My aim is to make this the most comprehensive listing of Jewish actors and actresses on the web, not only on IMDb. Admittedly, a monumental task. If you seek brevity, there are other lists available on IMDb and elsewhere.

Note #8: This list will include ONLY Jewish actors and actresses. Directors, Screenwriters, Cinematographers, Producers, Editors, Composers, etc. are NOT included in this list. If time permits I might do another list made up of Jewish directors and perhaps later Jewish composers.

Note #9: I don't want any stupid comments about how "the Jews control Hollywood" or such nonsense. First, let it be known that Jews created Hollywood. That is a fully accepted historical fact. Second, nevertheless, the persons listed herein make up but a small percentage of actual working actors/actresses. The list may seem huge, but that is because it is composed of Jewish actors from all over the world, the vast majority of them are completely unknown to the general film-going public.