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Platée (2002) (TV)
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How opera used to be before it got heavy, 5 October 2005

I rented this two disc DVD out of curiosity and didn't want to return it.

Platée is an opera by Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) sung in French (English subtitles are available) and recorded at a live theatre performance. It is a treat for the ears and the eyes.

The performance of Paul Agnew in the lead role is unforgettable. He plays the character of 'ugly ducking' water nymph Platée to perfection. His singing is lyrical and warm; his characterisation is funny, sad, tender and sympathetic in turns.

Top praise to the costume designer (costumes are amazing!), choreographer and make-up artists for their part in this French fantasy. Conductor Mark Minkovsky joins in the fun too.

All the other singers contribute well to this special event. Even if you think you don't like opera, try this. It's how opera used to be before it got heavy.

Sadly there are no extras with this DVD. I would have enjoyed interviews with the conductor and main singers.