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Japanese, romantic comedy, ski movie, 5 July 2008

Since I love skiing and I love romantic comedy movies, this movie hit all the right buttons for me. (I also loved Wimbledon(2004 for similar reasons). And come to think of it, maybe that is the best way to describe 銀色のシーズン. This is part of the latest string of Japanese "hollywood blockbuster-like" movies; mostly the work of this director- Eiichiro Hasumi (Limit of love-Umizaru, Umizaru) but also Takashi Yamazaki(Always San Chome no yuhi, Returner). This movie is a wonderful mix of Hollywood "blockbuster" elements, elements of the British Romantic Comedy genre, but also adding lots of uniquely Japanese twists too. The basic story is well setup, the camera work is brilliant, the Japanese alps are beautifully captured along with actors, and all the actors do a very good job(given the genre). And the "snow chapel" idea is brilliant and just so romantic. This really is a sweet film with some very lovable characters and beautiful shots. This really is a well done romantic comedy and ski movie and one of my favourites now.

Stealth (2005)
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Gets better with each view, 31 May 2006

I'm really sorry I missed this one in the cinema. I first heard about it on pay-per-view, and one night I decided to go for it. It had me riveted to the screen. I then bought it on DVD. The visuals, the beautiful high-speed landscape shots, amazing CGI, fantastic pacing, and great sound. The characters were a bit thin, but there was enough there to get me interested and care about them. The story is a bit contrived at times, but it played on lots of classic themes and wove them together really quite well. There are certain people who just don't like action movies, and I don't believe there would be anyway to satisfy them. But as an action movie fan, this one is much better than a lot of 'classics' and 'blockbusters'. Some action movies are good on first watch because they have a clever scene/sequence, but then don't engage on repeat. Stealth is so visceral, and beautiful, with near perfect pacing, it is definitely a movie that I will enjoy coming back to watch when I'm in the mood for a good action flick.