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It was good, but..., 9 July 2007

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Hey: I really enjoyed this episode, but what if the doll (s) had talked, or had opened their eyes all on their own, especially with Sam/Dean seeing this. I believe it would have been scarier. The part about Dean saying 'OK' to poking the grandmother w/a stick to make sure she had had a stroke was hilarious!!! I laughed and laughed. It was also funny when Sam told Dean he was 'butch'! Yes, it was a funny, scary episode, and I really enjoyed it! I like it when they make it as scary as possible! Sometimes I have to just watch it after I have already taped it, in the daytime. I am by myself out in the country, and oohhh, I hear strange things at times~! I love Supernatural! It takes me back to the days I used to tell friends and cousins ghost stories, and urban legends.


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The episode of Heart, 5 July 2007

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I thought it was great! Sam has been so faithful to Jessica's memory, it was time for him to move on and begin to live again! He and Madison really seemed made for each other (well, if she wasn't a werewolf). My friend and I cried at the end. There seemed to be so much emotion from both guys, showing that they can be reached, albeit way down deep in their souls. Wouldn't it be great to have her come on again in the 3rd season, but completely healed, and a wonderful love interest for Sam?! When we heard the gun shot, it left an opening. We know that normally she would have been killed, but who knows what miracles can happen on a TV show today?! Especially since they didn't show Sam actually killing Madison. Hmmm....

Again, in the finale of the 2nd season, when Sam was dead, Dean made a deal w/a demon to bring his brother back, with him only able to live one more year. We all know somehow this will not take place. There will be an answer. Maybe there will also be an answer for Madison! The question I have is: WHO was the werewolf that turned Madison? We know it wasn't the man that helped the kids at the center. So, who do we think it really was?


"NCIS" (2003)
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Gibbs WAS a Hottie in his younger days..and now...WOW, 15 January 2007

Hi to all:

YES! Gibbs, Aka Mark Harmon was a cute guy! Now, he is a gorgeous MAN! He is sexy, and I love this show!

QUESTION: On one of the first episodes of fall 2006, there is a scene where Tony Dinozzo goes..."Chick Fight" and later, he and "Probie" pull off their shirts! My Direct TV was not acting correctly, and I did not get to tape this. Can anyone tell me what the name of that episode is? I LOVE THIS SHOW!

My son-in-law was in the Marines, and he was the one that told me about this great show! I really love Ziva. My husband is Jewish, and she is great in the character she plays, although I have to admit, I hated that Kate got killed a couple of seasons ago. Ducky is funny, and when his mother is on the show, it is even funnier!

This is the PERFECT CAST!!! Please e-mail me w/the episode:)!