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Lapses portrying Alzheimer, 17 May 2007

A well made movies with excellent acting. The love story is intriguing and touching.

Regarding the Alzheimer disease I noticed the following lapses: A person with Alzheimer is unlikely to accept having the disease and agree to go to a nursing home.

It is unlikely that the person in the stage of Alzheimer implied in the movie would forget a spouse in 30 days.

A person with Alzheimer will have frequent nasty altercations with the caregiver. We see none of these in the movie.

It would take years for Alzheimer to progress from the moderate to medium stage implied in the movie to the advanced stage that requires moving her to the second floor (increased care). The movie seems to imply that this happens in a few months since the movie begins in the Winter and finishes in the Spring.

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Viewed in the Ottawa Film Festival, 10 May 2004

On the mid 1930s a remote mountain town in Venezuela keeps in contact with the central government by telegraph. The country is ruled by a powerful dictator. The town is ruled by a rich governor who is a tyrant and has a son who rapes local young virgins.

A mysterious new telegraphist arrives in the town and invents telegraph messages from the central government to the local governor to help the town's people. The movie was well liked by many persons who saw it with me. It has very good cinematography and good acting. The plot is interesting, and the dialogue crisp and at times profound. The movie gives a powerful political message against tyrants. It also makes innuendos about the catholic religion which I could not undertand.