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the film where Christian films had a chance to go mainstream and they blew it, 15 August 2004

IN 1970 CROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE came out. The tale of gangs drugs and violence was very popular in filmhouses across the nation. It propelled momentum forward for Christian films and Christian film concepts to be brought forth. Unfotunately the people behind the Christian films like gospel films and billy zeoli failed to see that their time was then. Their time was then and they blew it. This film was churchy but unlike anything the methodists or any other denomination had put out before. Visually the film had a gritty urban feel of filth, guns, ruined buildings and no hope. The book was first a novel. The novel was much grittier and dealt with adult issues better not dealt with on this website. I actually had the privilege as I was growing up to know one of the men who was depicted in the book as having worked with wilkerson. The film is gritty but is a family film and is extremely well made. The dialog may make you cringe but we are talking 1970 here. The dialog is badly dated. The sad thing now film group stands now to turn out quality Christian films. Looks up it's time to pop up the pop corn and go see the PASSION again.

the end could have been better, 15 August 2004

OMEN 3 aas depicted in the posters lead film filmgoers to believer damien and GOD would have a battle for the white house and all the weaponry and power both political and military that position bears with it. Instead damien does a brief cameo when the President welcomes him into the Oval Office to appoint him ambassador to england. This was disappointing, with myself holding out for a full blown attack by the forces of evil to toppel the united states in a coup. deprived of this the audience ends up in england for the rest of the film. The film focuses on thorn and a group of priests with daggers that were sanctified by catholic clergy; they are the only thing that can stop damien. If you walk in not expecting alot you'll like this film.

"Quark" (1977)
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a spoof on the star wars craze, 14 August 2004

QUARK was a spoof on the STAR WARS craze and had a limited run in 1978. It's run was brief but it was ahead of it's time. The crew lead by a man named Quark got into weekly intergalactic adventures aboard a space faring garbage scow. The show was funny but it's fate was decided and it was never renewed. The show I believe was on a friday night and it made the ratings battle too hard for QUARK to compete with. However the show was created by BUCK HENRY who had done such things as CATCH 22, and GET SMART and THE GRADUATE. Buck Henry is known for high quality work. The audience henry was dealing with was not prepared for this kind of humor. The spoofing of the science fiction craze just didn't float in 1978.

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a show that helped CBS boost it's ratings, 14 August 2004

Touched by a angel was a program which became popular in the mid 1990's and gave CBS a much rated ratings boost. In the early 1990's CBS was getting clobbered by shows like HOME IMPROVEMENT and the thursday night comedy block on NBC. Christians for years had begged networks for more family oriented wat they got was a show about two angels on rescue missions from GOD. The show was a huge hit and with other proraming changes CBS got out of the low ratings doledrums. The point of this story is that they listened to their audience. They listened to their audience and a huge hit was born when the right script showed up at CBS. The series had a long run and at this time can be seen in reruns on the HALLMARK CHANNEL.

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aa right wing news program with christian influence, 12 August 2004

A talk show in which christian views, right wing political views, and the agenda of the republican party are brought forth in a one hour news and interview style format. Pat Robertson is truly a media master mind as he lays out his media message and supports his political agenda in a show that is one hour of religious propaganda. (yes I would say that to his face) I recommend this show to those who enjoy this sort of of programming. I dont recommend this program to liberals or people offended by heavy attacks on liberal lifestyles and liberal media. I believe this man to be a polite man but gone is the shows original format of no news and more ministry. His endorsement of the republican party lays it out as a party of god so to speak when there are just as many christians who are libererals or democrates .....yet he never acknowledges that.

Predator (1987)
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a risky premise that pans out, 10 August 2004

PREDATOR could had premise that could be box office gold but if the effects were wrong it could be a disaster. The film was anything but a disaster it was a box office hit. With the throw back to the 1950s story 20th century fox got a bonifide winner. When I went to see the film I had seen the trailer but did not know what to expect. About ten minutes into the movie I smiled with wasn't going to suck. The film follows a elite special forces rescue team sent into the jungle to rescue CIA personel and a helicopter crew. The rescue team reaches their target site and a battle errupts and the american team wins. Only they come across the predator at this site and a female POW. As the film moves on the predator comes for the team stalking them. Predator is a fun movie and has a great director at the helm. This is a good one to keep in your private collection at home.

A big letdown, 1 August 2004

I was hoping for something along the lines of another JACOBS LADDER. I walked into the theatre with high hops but was sadly disappointed and underwelmed. I expected to see more mind games between the US soldiers and their captors but got very little. The film in fact sounds like a john birch pamphlet with electronic implants being placed in peoples bodies and brains. The film is far from a total loss but I feel cheated.....I should have gone to see THE VILLAGE. Despite my problems with the film and it's habit of being boring the cerebral nature of the piece shows a lot of merit. In the film we never see one of the faceless villains a giant aerospace defense contractor called MANCHURIAN. I would have liked to have seen it on screen and had it's downfall visualized. Wait to catch this one on video.

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a sad film from people that meant well, 29 July 2004

A THIEF IN THE NIGHT is a film filled with flawed theology. The plot revolves around a married woman left alone when a rapture comes. Fleeing the UN controlled white house and congress and senate she starts running from military troops who arrest or kill on sight people who have no mark on the forehead or right arm. This films theology has christ returning twice. In this film there is a second chance for people left behind to face the time of the antichrist. This is against scripture and the parables of christ. Christ returns once. Just once. not two or three times with christ making a pretzel in the sky! A THIEF IN THE NIGHT and films like it stir up fear and attendance at gun shows. This film is the TRIUMPH OF THE WILL for the john birch society and militia movement.

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anton levay as technical adviser, 28 July 2004

Talented writer Anton Levay was the writer of two books. The books levay wrote were THE SATANIC BIBLE and The sequel book on rituals. I am not a satanist but I read both and loved his writing style. This film sucks. Avoid this film. Instead of having the three writers they used on this film they should have hired levay instead to plot the story. I could not even finish this movie it was so bad. Perhaps I am being too hard on the film as this type is Saturday night at the drive-in fare. On levays literary work he a style that reinforces his point with historic proof or his own opinions. The writer of the satanic manifesto could definitely whip out a crackling good yarn.

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prophecy gets the cold war treatment, 27 July 2004

THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH was a book that was like nothing before it. Using cold war era interpretation the book and film heralded the second coming of Christ Jesus and the rise of the Antichrist. The film and book were smash hits because they catered to fear. People scared of the imposition of a mark on the right hand or the forehead went to see this film and read the book only got even more afraid because there was nothing it seemed they could do to stop these events. The book and film use use scenarios featuring a clash between the united states and NATO vs. Russia and the Warsaw PACT. China also flex's her military muscle and the Arab nations attack Israel. This series of clashes leads up to Armageddon. This is great but the Warsaw pact is disbanded (as of this writing)and Russia is no longer the threat it once was since 1989-1990 with the reunification of Germany. Still Lindsy clings to his suspicion of Russia invading Israel when he speaks on TV and in print. Some weeks it's demons invading as alien grey like beings. The problem with Lindsey is he can't make up his mind. The film is not a bad film for collectors of Christian cinema but on a intellectual level be wary.

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