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Soulful movie!, 12 July 2012

I liked this debut of remarkable French actor Kad Merad like director and although his story is not quite original, he was able to make its peculiar. It's very kind and soulful movie about what every of us in need of native and loved one particularly our children. "Monsieur Papa" is simple and clear for everyone friendship story that is full of love, nice humor and lovely mood. Kad Merad in his debut assembled terrific cast from beautiful Michèle Laroque, stylish Vincent Perez and great little actor Gaspard Meier, also himself brilliantly played main role. Maybe it's not some masterpiece for aesthetes but it's optimal film for evening watching with all family exactly.

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It's not simple film!, 11 July 2012

Very strange film but as well very enthralling. At first I couldn't to understand genre of this movie, it's a little thriller, a little psychological drama and a little independent film. I seem "Martha Marcy May Marlene' will be very boring story for majority, it's too slow movie and it's not for everybody exactly but something holds your attention in it definitely. I liked very much performance by young actress Elizabeth Olsen, she is very beautiful and mysterious. Also I liked here John Hawkes, he is very charismatic. Sarah Paulson and Hugh Dancy are as always a great and truthful. It's not simple film but very interesting, in my opinion, and it clearly done with skill.

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Thank you Woody and long life!!!, 11 July 2012

It's the most laughable film that Woody Allen made late years. I love and seen all his works and he is my favorite director exactly. "To Rome with love" is remarkable situation comedy and Woody Allen have always done similar films with peculiar brilliance and charm. I seem I laughed in a theater louder than everybody. Woody Allen as always a great, witty and in his fine creative form. I have been very glad to see his on a screen and his performance with Judy Davis was one of the most funny in that beautiful movie. Almost many thanks to Woody for luxurious cast, particularly for Ornella Muti and Roberto Benigni. For me "To Rome with love" is the best comedy this summer that raised my mood to the cosmic heights. Thank you Woody and long life.

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Easy and funny film!!!, 10 July 2012

Not bad French comedy with interesting plot and good actors. An idea of this film is very original although I saw many movies about lucky guys who won quite a few money like "Brewster's Millions", "Mr. Deeds" or "Mr. Billion" but these were all American films. "Ah! Si j'étais riche" is the story very similar to real life. The main character Aldo is not handsome man, he's not successful, he's miser and he has very bad disposition but easy money won't make him happy never, maybe just better and cleverer. It's remarkable situation comedy with good sense and nice humor. I recommend its everybody who wants just to relax after hard work day and to look an easy funny film.

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Boredom!!!, 9 July 2012

It's rather weakest French comedy though there is Jean Dujardin who after his brilliant "The Artist" is the big star this year. A plot of this film is very interesting and entertaining but on a screen somehow happens terrible boredom, perhaps there is couple good jokes and probably that's all. "L'amour aux trousses" is very simple and light movie for one watching that you'll immediately forget. I very like French films, they are peculiar and nice, original and romantic, funny and kind, but this film made not up to par and without enthusiasm, in my opinion, unfortunately. It seems has everything but something not enough. In whole "L'amour aux trousses" is not bad but...

One Day (2011)
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The woman, who is searching every man in his life!!!, 8 July 2012

I have watched this film for two reason. At first, this is film by interesting and remarkable director from Denmark Lone Scherfig. I opened her for myself in 2009 with her terrific work "An Education" that I liked very much. At second, it's the excellent actors Anne Hathaway, who has always disliked me until I saw her in "Rachel Getting Married" and Jim Sturgess who will be always one of my favorite actors only for his brilliant role in "Across the Universe". Anne Hathaway in "One Day" like Charlize Theron in "Sweet November", in my glance, was able to make beautiful image of an ideal woman, who is searching every man in his life. She is witty, charming, touching, cheerful and fantastically beautiful. "One Day" is not film only for women, it's very life-asserting story for everyone.

I think even women don't know it!!!, 7 July 2012

This is one of those rare comedies that I'm not tire re-watching with great pleasure. I'm sure, every man at Earth dreams to know what really women want and I think even women don't know it answer. This film will not give up exact an answer this question but it's hinting exactly. Remarkable director Nancy Meyers was able to make film about relationship men and women that will be interesting for everyone. Mel Gibson is the star of action movies terrific showed himself in comedian role, proving what he can laugh at himself too. Charming Helen Hunt make perfect portrait of modern woman who is active, confident in herself, independent but as well she is vulnerable, touching and tender in her inner world. In that film there are many beautiful women as Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei, Lauren Holly, Judy Greer, Sarah Paulson, Lisa Edelstein and therefore for me "What Women Want" like a feast.

I didn't like that movie but it has many great jokes!!!, 5 July 2012

I didn't like that movie but it has many great jokes, definitely. I have never seen old TV series "21 Jump Street" with Johnny Depp and I can't compare its with the new version unfortunately. In my glance, main disadvantage of that film is vulgar humor that irritates me strongly. After every really funny joke next appearing three silly and it's regrettable because there are good plot, good actors but it seems to me some jokes in this film written special for morons. Why? I don't understand. I'm not a prude, I like Kevin Smith, American Pie for example, but everything should be in moderation and harmoniously. "21 Jump Street" is clearly not that case, unfortunately.

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Very not bad comedy for a one evening!, 5 July 2012

This debut by Dany Boon as director I liked in whole but not so as his next works "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis" and "Rien à déclarer" and I find them the very best French comedies for lately. "La maison du bonheur" is very laughable movie but main characters sometimes looks too silly and even irritate particularly those situations with the stupid repairers. I liked Daniel Prévost and his character the estate agent Jean-Pierre Draquart is very funny and Michèle Laroque is very beautiful woman and remarkable actress. Actually this film in plot is very similar to old and nice film "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long but there was more catastrophic situation. "La maison du bonheur" is not a masterpiece but very not bad comedy for a one evening.

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Clever and contemplative movie for clever people., 4 July 2012

Very emotional and philosophical story. That film is definitely not for everyone but if you like independent and strange movies it's very good choice. Mike Cahill is director, screenwriter, operator and producer of this film and in my opinion it's very successful his debut in big cinema. I like slowness of that story and its science fiction atmosphere. Although I could foresee ending this story it's an incredibly touching and deepest drama about feeling guilty, opportunity change their life and future, search for an unknown and about love. Actors Brit Marling and William Mapother, who I remember on "Lost", brilliantly had played their roles showing all difficulties our inner world. It's clever and contemplative movie for clever people.

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