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This isn't just a look alike list. in most cases other factors such as age, height, and as to whether or not they could pull off the roll as an actor come into play. This is a challenging list to create and I do not have matches for all 32 teams yet but I will be updating the list when i do find matches. If you have any suggestions for the unnamed quarterbacks leave them in the comments

Quarter backs left to cast:
Phillip Rivers - San Diego Chargers
Carson Palmer - Oakland Raiders
Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos
Blaine Gabbert - Jacksonville Jaguars
Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions
Colt McCoy - Cleveland Browns
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This is the sad group of 20 great actors who's talent may be undermined and forgotten in years to come, simply because they care more about which movie will earn them the bigger paycheck than the oscar.
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These are the actors with an outstanding range in the characters they play and how well they do them all. Some consider the ability to play a wide variety of characters all constantly well is the most difficult thing to do as an actor. Therefor these are perhaps the most impressively talented actors working in movies today. (I did not include and deceased actors, but if so heath ledger would be near the top of this list) it is ranked 1 to 20, 1 is the best.
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These are the actors that for some reason whether it be their lack of talent, inability to play anyone other than themselves, or turn of fate that made the so famous for one role that the only work they can get now is doing the exact same thing only play the same role every time. these are the top 20 in my opinion.