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Just WOW, 27 June 2013

I was not so impressed with the third installment of Iron Man, so I did not put that much of expectations on Man Of Steel because I don't want to be disappointed in the end.

I'm a big fan of Superman comics and was reading these as early as 5 years old, but (believe it or not) watched any superman movie before. Well, from the opening of the movie until the end I could not take my eyes off the iMax nor move.

The movie was way beyond any expectations I had for it, it literally blew me away in every possible way. The music played by Zimmer matched everything i watched and gave me goosebumps at some scenes. That electrical shock through my spine, down to my arms that I can see my arm hair stands.

Few movies had such an impact and one of them was The Dark knight Trilogy, the common thing between the two is not the justice league .. It's Nolan!

I think he was a genius coming up with the unexpected as everyone was looking for a reboot of the old movies. I watched the 1978 movie after Man of Steel to know what was all the fuzz about and it looked to me more of a shattered pieces of everything Superman did in comics collected in a movie.

He did not follow the others steps (why would he?) and came up with a brilliant movie that was awesome in everything. From choosing the cast of the movie, the music, the story line ..

Man I just can't say enough ..

Skyfall (2012)
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One of the Best 2012 movies!, 8 January 2013

What a great movie it is, I was never a big fan of James Bond movies nor Edele music but this movie changed that forever.

I went back to watch all James Bond movies from the start after watching this one.

Looking forward to watch more in the future of this quality, it was really entertaining on the IMAX and there was never a dull moment. The sequence of events was fast, the story development was nice.

Watched the movie like 3 times already, Daniel Craig did the movie its justice this time. He was brilliant and I would love to see him again in the next James Bond movie.

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Great Movie!, 8 January 2013

Mostly underrated by reviewers who don't have a clue what 'Resident Evil' is. I'm a big fan of the game and that's the origin to all movies, if you are not a fan of the game for sure you won't like the movie. We were playing the game, waiting for an animation, cinematic scene to show to enjoy watching it. Now that we have a complete real life movie, you would complain? In contract to other movies, the more they release the better it gets. I liked the last 2 movies (after life & retribution) more than the 3 previous ones. More familiar faces, characters were introduced and the intensity of the action has increased. I did not realized those 2 movies were done while watching until i saw the ending already! So please stop rating or reviewing, if you don't have an idea what's Resident Evil is all about because you would never judge the movie right.