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Drugs... Rumba????, 22 January 2006

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I am not sure what you are talking about this movie having anyone selling drugs, nor doing drugs. Other than the one time they are smoking in bed before they have sex, and they never even say then that it was any kind of drug, all it is said is that it is his last one. There is not one typical "fiesta de gitanos" gypsy party in the whole movie, they pretty much just go to one disco place but all the music played is disco not rumba. the soundtrack has some rumba on it but not in the party atmosphere. I swear some people comment on movies they have never seen. (SPOILER) This movie starts pretty much when the first one ends, but you come to find out that the first one was just that, a movie, and now el Torete is somewhat of a celebrity (in some circles) although he is still a delinquent. This one is supposed to be for real, (it would have been hard to imagine El Torete without his wee-wee the whole film... jejejeje Anyhow, the movie is powerful and in reality a little bit outdated but it is still a fun watch. This just got a DVD release on R2 and it is only around 12 euro (the entire trilogy 12 each).

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Great film, 7 October 2004

I cannot believe someone gave this movie a 1 rating!!! and it is only a 3. average... What is not to love about this film? It is original, it has lots of scare scenes that actually made me jump out of my seat, and it has some great special effects. The story is fresh, there is some nudity, and it is very campy. The killer was scary in his own demented way and the end is very unexpected. I must admit that I really love this film, one of Spain's best horror films ever. If you consider yourself a true horror fan you need to get out there and try to find this film. You will be pleasantly surprised to do so.

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The best cannibal film, 10 May 2004

Ruggero made a great film here. He had us believing back then that this movie was for real, (what BWP wanted to do as well). The first half of the movie is very mild and a little uninteresting, but the action picks up when the second crew finds the footage that was shot by the lost crew. From here on anything goes. This movie makes you think quite a bit, some people might just watch it and be repulsed by the gore and realness of it all (even the actual animal killings portrayed) but if you just dig a little deeper, you might see that what this movie is really about... when civilized people think that the rules of society are out the window... would they stick by them? would you? A great film that even though some people have criticized through the years still has a lot to offer to the open minded viewer. 9/10

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Fine comedy from the Martes y Trece duo, 10 May 2004

This is a great spanish comedy with the hilarious duo Martes y Trece (not together anymore). It has been a long time since I have seen this, but I do remember laughing constantly. From Dracula to Frankenstein we have it all in this over the top film. The ending left me wanting a bit more but overall this is a great comedy. In Spain around this time there were quite a few couple comedians such as "Cruz y raya", "El duo sacapuntas", "Faemino y Cansado" and the ones that started it all, "Martes y Trece". I remember every new years eve we had a new spacial from these two, and each and everyone of them was better. This movie, even though not the only one from duo comedians in Spain I believe to be one of the best. If anyone has a chance to check this out in the States, go for it, you will not be disappointed.