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Reads nicely if you put it in alphabetical order and reverse starting with the Z's.

No order

One easy way to peruse the list is by clicking the box with four solid squares and then if searching for something specific go to "list order" and make it "A to Z" or "name" to put them in alphabetical order but unfortunately it count "A"s and "The"s as the first word so there's an awful lot of "The"s. They're an alphabetical section on their own. By running the mouse over the movie poster icon the film's facts are displayed. (If you didn't already know)
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waiting for a third
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Brando's not here because he ain't cool, he's hot, he's an animal.
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I meant homage.
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No particular order. The Brak Show is No. 50 and it's practically my favorite.
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Alphabetical order (duh)
These movies provide laughs whether they be intentional or not.
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No particular order
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For those of you that think Hitch is the greatest and why aren't any of his movies listed? I don't think he's the greatest by a long shot yet Lifeboat falls just short of making the list.