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Click on the "View" box with the four squares and you'll get the pictures either four across or three across. Three across is the way it needs to be to view the pages properly. To change four across to three across hold down the "Ctrl" button and press the "-" (minus/underscore) button to reduce four to three. Then the triplets can be viewed quickly as groups.

In all sincerity, I love almost everyone on this list.

New entries are back-loaded to the last pages for later insertion during the "Major Overhaul".
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I meant homage.
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More to come
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Reads nicely if you put it in alphabetical order and reverse starting with the Z's.

No order

One easy way to peruse the list is by clicking the box with four solid squares and then if searching for something specific go to "list order" and make it "A to Z" or "name" to put them in alphabetical order but unfortunately it count "A"s and "The"s as the first word so there's an awful lot of "The"s. They're an alphabetical section on their own. By running the mouse over the movie poster icon the film's facts are displayed. (If you didn't already know)
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If you've visited Snide's Corner than you know I deal in faces. I ask you who doesn't Ellen Drew look like? I don't just love, I am in love with hundreds of women. Women like Barbara Britten, Arlene Dahl and Linda Darnell. Ellen Drew looks like all of them. She looks like Eleanor Parker and Loretta Young. She could be mistaken for anyone as long as they're beautiful. And so Ellen Drew gets my vote for The Ultimate Woman's Face. Greer Garson too. And Jeanne Crain, Ruth Roman, Jane Greer, Mary Murphy and Ava Gardner. She has a little piece of everyone. She has a million faces she can throw at you. And Norma Shearer. Peter Berg might be my choice for Man's Face. Tom Hanks. Anthony Edwards, Peter Brown, David Clennon and a million others. And Tim Robbins, too. And Ethan Hawke and Kevin Bacon.
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Casting Call for the legendary ZBS farcical, metaphysical, drawing-room-mystery-radio-seria where "Its windows are like a thousand eyes turned inward and its doors...hinged on time". Why not make a movie that hasn't been made, yet.

Just don't let Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam or Baz Luhrmann get their misguided, megalomaniac hands on it.
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Greatest bitch performances

I'm eliminating any performance of Queen Elizabeth I
Bette Davis, Flora Robson and the others will have to make their bones some other way.
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No particular order. As they come to me. The Brak Show is practically my favorite.
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Time's a-wastin'
Betty White ain't gettin' any younger.
And Justin Timberlake isn't, either.

Stalag 17
Vlad is as such a non-existent movie, for now.
The Razor's Edge
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Arsenic and Old Lace
Touch of Evil
Charley Varrick
No Highway in the Sky
The Thomas Crown Affair
Get Smart
Lost in Space
The Fourth Tower of Inverness is as such a non-existent movie, for now.
A Thousand Clowns
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