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U2 3D (2007)
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Completely taken in by the 3-D!! I wondered why Bono was trying to touch my face...., 17 February 2008

I took my husband as a Valentine adventure to the IMAX in downtown Austin. My cynical nature had me prepared for unnecessary 3-D actions, but the naturalness the band used when interacting with the cameras was a testament to what consummate performers they are. I did find myself annoyed a few times with the waving arms and the people on the shoulders only because in my enraptured state I thought it was people in the theater.....duh. Glad I fought the urge to shout, "OY! Down in front!" The disclaimer from the theater staff at the beginning about the volume level they were required to play the film at made me nervous at first as I was afraid of having ringing ears the rest of the evening. It was concert loud but not too loud and it helped cover for the fact that I ended up singing along in my nasally off-key Midwestern tones and no one around me could hear it! I wished people in the theater had gotten the urge to jump up and dance and truly immerse themselves in the concert feel of it! I would have joined in, but was too scared to be the first and perhaps only one. I like to have fun, but loathe to be "that person" that gets discussed over dinner afterward. I had to laugh at the times I flinched when crowd action caught me off-guard. I was moved by the whole experience and it made me long for the days when I was young enough to brave festival seating. Only wish I had heard The Edge do "Numb"....maybe next 3-D Dfilm? In the meantime, going to play my Rattle and Hum and Zooropa DVDs to keep the buzz going....

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Pleasantly surprised....but advisers were the ones being catty., 26 January 2008

Admittedly as a detester of beauty pageants and what I think they stand for, I tuned in hoping to see something interesting - plus I adore Michael Urie. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I came to like some of these girls and be moved by their stories. I was surprised at how bad I felt for the lack of self-esteem these beautiful and accomplished women had. It was very enjoyable to see them become not so perfect/plastic and be comfortable with being themselves. I have more respect for women who enter these contests, but it did not change my mind about allowing my daughter to watch the Miss America Pageant. She is only 7 and while Miss America and all that she does during her reign can be a role model to young girls, the process of judging them is distasteful to me and obviously has harmed some of these women emotionally. I do hope that the contestants never watch this show and hear the nasty remarks made by the advisers - being catty for a sound bite is petty and cheapened what I thought this show was supposed to be about.

Nutcracker! (2003) (TV)
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New Family Tradition, 20 December 2007

I came across this production during Ovation Channel's Battle of the Nutcrackers. I too was a bit of a "nutcracker snob" and thought that either the Bolshoi or Balanchine version would be my favorites, but I was really charmed and amazed by every aspect of this production. I can't wait for my daughter to see it. She has seen only classical interpretations, but I really think this Wonka-esquire version will become a family tradition. So witty and well done! The dancers were wonderful and it was nice to see that they appeared to have eaten at least once in their lifetimes unlike the ones you often see in these productions - it made their enjoyment of the candy believable! Make sure to have sweets on hand as the temptation to lick the TV screen can be overwhelming.

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Jason Lee is perfect in this show and it was great!, 20 September 2005

My husband and I are great fans of Jason Lee's movie roles. We were really looking forward to this show and it totally delivered. You know a show is good if the funniest jokes aren't wasted in the trailer. Funny, well-written with great timing and direction. I instantly set my DVR to record all episodes to make sure I don't miss a single one. I thought the premise was very unique and while Earl appears to be a stereotype, there are unplumbed depths. The peripheral characters are a hoot, the choice of music also elicited quite a few laughs.

I am hoping the rest of the season holds up to the extremely well-done pilot. I think this really could be a classic, besides we have the promise of 258 possible episodes!

12/27 Footnote: The show has exceeded all my expectations and I am happy to see Earl adding to his list - so we could have inifinite episodes - yippeee.

"LazyTown" (2004)
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Great show teaching good values with fun and music, 19 August 2004

My daughter loves this show and I enjoy watching it with her. She is learning from someone far more fun than Mommy how important exercise, sleep and the right foods are for young bodies. She even asked to go to bed at 8:08 tonight (bedtime for the show's hero). Show stresses exercise, eating right and so many other values we try to instill in our children. The characters are enjoyable and we love to dance to it! Magnus Scheving's Sportacus character is endearing and educational without being preachy. The overall look of the show is captivating and just adds to all the fun.

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Wonderfully amusing and fun show!!, 29 April 2004

My daughter and I love to watch Peep together. It is so amusing, informative and well written. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I often find myself laughing out loud at the antics of Peep, Chirp and Quack. The narration by Joan Cusack is delightful. I am glad the opportunity to introduce my toddler to the wonderful talents of one of my favorite actresses.

The live action sequences dealing with science and nature have given us lots of ideas for fun outside play that keeps my daughter's interest.

The shows on Discovery Kids really are wonderful and Peep is a great addition.