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My favorite movie so far!, 31 August 2013

This movie caught my attention only because of Lily Collins. But after going to the theater i noticed Jamie Campbell Bower is a great actor and portrayed Jace very well. There is a lot of comedy as well as suspense. Robert Sheehan who plays Simon adds to the comedic part of the movie. If you like suspenseful fantasy movies definitely see this! I already saw this 4 times and i cant stop. This is nothing like harry potter or twilight its a completely different story line. The books are amazing but this movie was almost exactly the first book was written. The actors are great in this movie and Jamie Campbell Bower has a mysterious look that completes Jace perfectly. He and Lily have great chemistry that complete the two characters. The critics are way to rough, my advice to you is to go out and see it!

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This is the best show and my favorite on TV!, 21 April 2013

This is the best show on MTV and on TV in my opinion. At first I would have never thought to watch this but i watched the first episode and it was amazing! First off this is nothing like Twilight or any other werewolf show, this show is completely different and original and that is why I love it! Tyler Posey is very good looking and definitely got my attention and so did Colton Haynes. Dylan O' Brien is very funny and is a great addition to the show. Crystal Reed is also a very good actress. I highly recommend you to watch this show. The storyline of each episode is very suspenseful. And each Episode will keep you at the edge of your seat. I don't have a favorite episode because all of them are my favorites! Coming from a teen this is my point of view... Watch it!

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Best Show ever! and one of my favorites on Disney!, 5 February 2013

When I was flipping through channels, I saw Kickin It. I starting watching, and it is hilarious!! Mateo Arias who plays Jerry is one of the funniest characters ever. I really like Leo Howard since he is a black belt in real life, so he does all the karate in the show. And he is a great actor and not to mention good looking.Olivia Holt who plays Kim works really well with Leo Howard. Thanks to Leo Howard I watch the show, because of him its amazing.One of my favorite episodes is A Slip Down Memory Lane and the Karate Games.Overall I really like the different plots for each episode, it's very creative and I can't wait for the third season! From the perspective of a 14 year old (which I am) it's very funny and you all should watch it!