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In no particular order, as far as I can remember...

Just because I've seen it doesn't mean I necessarily enjoyed it.

Ratings are how much I liked a movie 10 being favorite, 9 loved, 8 really liked, 7 liked, 6 kinda liked, 5 neither liked nor disliked, 4 kinda disliked, 3 disliked, 2 really disliked, 1 hated or didn't even watch the whole thing.

There are a few I'm sure I'm missing and even some that aren't (yet) on imdb.

Discussion and suggestions welcome. I tend to lean towards Deaf Culture, historical, horror/thriller, family, Christmas and romantic comedy, and anything based off a book.
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as far as I can remember.....

This includes shows I watch or watched regularly or have watched a few times and enjoyed as well as shows I would like to catch on Netflix, DVD or in syndication.