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There's Something I Found Enjoyable About All Of These Movies At Some Point In My Life. Some Of Them Only Have Parts That I've Enjoyed, While Others Are Just Plain Excellent.
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T.A.B.P. (There Are Better Pictures). IMDb doesn't have: Ana Cheri, Yovanna Ventura, Amber Fields, Nita Kuzmina, Jean Watts, Andrea Roman, Nicole Meyer, Megan Daniels, Libby Powell, Juli Annee, Tiffany Keller, Joselyn Cano, Iesha Mariee, Anllela Sarga, Emma Mae, Emily Sears, Diana Melison, Ana Sofia Henao, Denise Milani, Maria Doroshina, Demi Rose Mawby or Carmella Rose
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Melissa Harris-Perry, American Idol GONE (15 to go)
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Bad Movies That I've Seen or Walked Out On
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Some Are Villianous And, Some Are Monsters
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