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I Liked It!!, 15 April 2014

I'm so sick and tired of movies about dreadful people, drugs, violence, blood all over the screen... I was reticent about watching this movie, since my taste is already twisted by so may car crashes and decapitated bodies, but it was one of those things, a friend lent me this DVD and since I liked Jim Carrey so much in "I Love You Phillip Morris" I decided to watch this film, seeing Angela Lansbury was in it also.


I read several of the previous reviews (fortunately AFTER I watched the picture) and noticed that many of those reviewers are excellent Special Effects producers, since they shred them to pieces. Well, I'm not a Special Effects specialist so, I found them ASTOUNDINGLY GOOD!!

During my time in the business I spent so many hours designing sets and clothes and being there, watching the filming of a scene endless times until I thought I was loosing my mind, that I can appreciate ANY effort made by a crew trying to come up with something good, making it impossible for me to put down other people's efforts.

I loved the penguins, the way they looked, the way they acted and interacted with all the actors involved in their scenes... I found ALL THE ACTORS excellent in their roles --otherwise they wouldn't be there, believe me-- , from the humblest ones to Jim Carrey.

I have no complains about the plot, the happenings, the incredibility of most of the scenes... I just enjoyed this movie as much as I never imagined I could have enjoyed it. It leaves you with a nice, clean feeling about life and people.

Listen, I know as much as you do that this life and its people STINK, but once in a while it helps to keep going watching a film of this kind.

A delightful three segment film for a rainy afternoon., 31 March 2014

This one is the third Argentinian old film --1955-- I've decided to watch on "You Tube". There are so many of them that having been lucky with the first two I decided to keep trying.

And this one, "El amor nunca muere" (Love Never Dies) wasn't a deception either. On the contrary! I truly enjoyed them!! (I say "them" because this film was made with three separate segments that at the time was a sort of new format for films. Each segment performed by a totally different cast with a DIVA as the protagonist.

I was surprised seeing the cast and finding that three divas were in the same film, something impossible at the time since which one will have the name at the top?

But then when I saw the end of the first one after 40 minutes and the beginning of a new episode following the destiny of the medallion as the link or excuse to change period and actors, I realized that everything made sense, because the three queens didn't have to work together competing for close ups and the spot light.

The two first episodes are practically fairy tales, since they stretch reality and circumstances to a snapping point. The first segment takes place in the 18th Century, were the medallion belongs to a very famous actress of that time (Zully Moreno), the second episode happens during the 19th Century, when a lady buys it at a pawn shop (Mirtha Legrand as protagonist) and the third one in the fifties, when they made this movie, the recipient (Tita Merello) getting it as a souvenir from her absent husband through a visiting acquaintance in charge of the errand - -a husband gone from her life 18 years ago, never seen again and now dead.

This third episode is a genuine tear-jerker, highly sentimental and only lacking tremulous violin strings in the background.

Outrageous kitsch without complex, I loved them all.

I believe that to enjoy this movie one has to be Argentinian (Latin American?) since the three episodes are totally impregnated with intense, almost asphyxiating tenderness (better call it Gooyness), as much as a Mexican soap-opera couldn't have been produced in any other country in the whole world (well, in Argentina maybe). And better yet, it really helps if those actors are familiar faces to the viewer.

I must be brave and confess that the last one, with Tita Merello as the apparently rough old truck-driver and self-sacrificing mother of a brand new doctor that will marry a society girl... (corny, right?) made me cry, but cry in the Boo-hoo manner (I don't care what you think, I loved it!!!). Tita was an incredible actress and this character, I'm sure, was custom-made to her acting range since it fitted her as a glove fits a hand.

If you don't care for this sort of rosy dreamland fantasies, please, don't even attempt to watch this movie, but if you feel comfortable in fairyland... go ahead, enjoy these excellent samples of escapism... have a handy pack of Kleenex near by (on your lap preferably).

Three Sixty Year Old Rats., 29 March 2014

After watching another old Argentinian film, "La serpiente de cascabel" (The Rattlesnake)--1946, and having liked it quite a lot, I was intrigued by this film's title, "The Three Rats"--1946, especially because the Three Rats were three excellent actresses from that time and at least I could see good acting, even if the movie wasn't too good.

But this movie is excellent!

The story is taken (and modified quite a lot) according to some critics, from an Ecuadorian writer, but since I never read his novel, I have no way to compare book and film, although I always thought that it is a grave mistake to compare them since both genres are totally opposed making it impossible to follow cinematographically a book word by word.

As with practically all Argentinian productions, I'm always overwhelmed by a very special quality they have, it consists in a very warm and human feeling, the kind one observes in the Italian cinema too. It feels as if a cozy blanket envelopes our minds and although on writing it may sound ridiculous, that's the way I feel when watching an Argentinian movie.

I saw the restored version on "You Tube" and found this 60 year old film quite impressive from all points of view: The acting was superb, the direction quite subtle and to the point, the sets excellent and the music well placed. The story, quite absorbent, follows the lives of three very different sisters that after becoming orphans have to deal with the raw realities of life, generally hard and merciless with practically everybody.

And each sister deals with it the best way she knows how to, accepting stoically the consequences, good or bad as they could be. Being poor doesn't give one many options in life, and poor people cannot afford to have stringent moral standards. Very good movie where we see a world with customs that by now are gone with the wind, as could be decency, straightforwardness, loyalty, solid principles. If you have a couple of hours and nothing to do, watch this movie, it teaches a good couple of things worth knowing. and lifts one's spirits with a fresh, nice reconciling feeling with life.

"The Rattlesnake", a 60 year old comedy, but still enjoyable., 29 March 2014

I just saw this film for the sake of it, since being a film from the 40s I may have been in the mood for some nostalgia trip, masochism or whatever. And "You Tube" can be blamed for that since it seems one can find EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in it.

I was pleasantly surprised though, watching a very frivolous comedy, with a dynamic and fast tempo and very good actors, from delightful Maria Duval (incredible Deanna Durbin's doppelganger), to melodic (very good crooner and excellent actor) Juan Carlos Thorry, and the Rossy de Palma of those days, Maria Santos (a scream in almost all her scenes and a scene--stealer too).

There is a homicide committed in the Agatha Christie vein --an upper class private school with the classic trio of severe women chaperon, president and vice president of this VERY moral and respectable institution for young ladies with and incredibly quaint collective dormitory and a handful of pretty starlets playing adolescent virgins...(?!) many of them who, unknown extras at the time, eventually had an excellent artistic trajectory: Analía Gadé, Beba Bidart, Ma. Aurelia Bisutti, Susana Campos and the ballet dancer Alfredo Alaria.

Thorry, the disguised policeman pretending to be a music teacher, must find out who did it. Very lightly treated subject, since it is a frothy comedy. A comedy of errors follows where practically everybody is suspected to be the assassin till the truly unexpected end.

The movie fails in many issues related to any 60 year old film, like in any old Hollywood production, where we find even shocking some goings on that at the time I assume people found absolutely normal in every day life situation, but that for today morals they look pretty prudish and passé (women's liberation seems to have been totally unknown then).

Pleasant enough thanks to the well choreographed ballet numbers in the dream sequences, the lightness of it all, and some very funny scenes in a totally scatterbrained production. Nothing to write home about, but all in all, still enjoyable.

The Juror (1996)
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Quite impressive, 28 August 2013

Reading most of the previous reviews made me wonder... This movie is a thriller from the word go and total escapism, yet, many reviewers pretend a perfect script, a flawless sequence of events --life like-- without realizing that this is not a documentary, with dates, statistics and absolutely realistic situations.


Seat back and enjoy it!! there isn't more than that!!

We are not watching an Ingmar Bergman or Antonioni film here. It's just a thriller, and as such, an EXCELLENT ONE!!

I followed it in total concentration, being captivated by such superb actors and director and finding all scenes and sequences amazingly perfect.

There is not a single word spoken unnecessarily and every one is always in character, plus a great photography and as eye candy Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin, two superb actors on top of being gorgeous.

I found this movie above average for a thriller, surprisingly above average!!

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I don't remember this movie at all, 26 August 2013

Really. I know that I saw it because I wrote two or three reviews of it back when, and all of them had been deleted, why, I will never know unfortunately.

I will like it though.

I didn't used bad words, forbidden expressions or insulting ones, so, the only reason for deleting my reviews must have been:

A) The director of this awful movie felt I was very wrong in my appreciations.

B) Some outraged viewer directly related to the director felt I was hurting his feelings with an unjust critic.

C) The director parents felt also my critic as unjustly punishing and inconvenient for the director's career.

I won't write a FOURTH review, that's for sure, since this bad movie is not even worth of just ONE review, I'm just writing this lines feeling affronted by a censorship that allows so easily to remove a negative review from being published, that's all.

Thank you anyway for publishing these lines.

A Village Affair (1995) (TV)
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Glorious Village, Impossible Villagers., 24 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed this movie very much. Every technical detail, every gesture of every actor, all the lovely sceneries so lush and green and the mounting tension within the storyline. All that professionalism kept me riveted to my seat from beginning to end. It was AFTER the movie was over, when I wiped the abundant tears running fluently down my old cheeks that my thinking mind took over my emotional one and started thinking about the whole thing.

************************* SPOILERS AHEAD ******************************

The ending is the weakest part of this movie. It really spoils everything done before. Were the producers afraid of the TV audience? Did the sponsor threatened to leave the production if they didn't end it like it did? We'll never know.

My feeling was that the lesbian love couldn't possibly end up happily while the poor sucker (read husband) was left behind with his macho ego totally crushed. Impossible. Unpardonable. Unspeakable.

Ergo, she resigns her lesbian new love and goes back --happy as the seven dwarfs, singing with her three children in the back of the car "Happy Days Are Here To Stay" or something similar-- to her nice, pure husband that never made her happy (even after three children!!) but that society expected and decided that that was the right thing to do.

And it is really surprising and quite a shock that her lesbian lover didn't commit suicide or felt from some deep cliff to her proper destiny (the sponsor missed that one).

A really disappointing film, considering that I hold the English cinema as the epitome of excellent movie making. Excellent actors and director, unfortunate script.

115 reviews so far..., 26 May 2013

... and they condense every possible information and observation one can make about this awesome movie. I will see it again out of an intense curiosity and nostalgia (I saw it many years ago and left me flabbergasted --patidifuso-- with all its fantastic beauty) after having listened the radio program I mention further down.

I write these lines not to review one more time the film, but just to comment that I was listening a radio program from France Culture radio and they made a reportage about Cherbourg, where this movie was shot FIFTY YEARS AGO... and they are celebrating that anniversary in Cherbourg pulling out all the stops.

It seems that the filming on that location 50 years ago was a big happening for this small and quiet coal town, apparently very dirty and facing away from the waterfront (now they have changed that concept and all new buildings are facing the waters) since then the huge popularity of this movie worldwide was such a ground shaking event for the inhabitants that they became aware of their own ignored potential and started to change everything, renovating shops and cleaning the city, to such an extent that nowadays the place is unrecognizable from its past dreary image.

Japanese tourist go there to visit the umbrella shop where part of the action takes place (still looking and functioning like then) and even French people go there to visit the shop and take pictures!! During these fifty years Catherine Deneuve appeared in 117 films, leaving behind an enormous quantity of documentation to her legendary ice blonde beauty.

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Total Pleasure, 2 April 2013

What else can I add to so many fabulous reviews and make it interesting and different? Nothing really. But I want to, at least, contribute my opinion about this mesmerizing movie experience. Michelle Williams was for sure an Absolute Master capturing the essence of Marilyn and if we don't compare them next to each other, we could perfectly well accept that SHE WAS Marilyn, the symbiosis was TOTAL.

The movie is flawless in its development from the beginning of an inconsequential shooting routine schedule to the point where we are so involved and in love with the protagonist that we too would like to be in that bed next to her, embracing her and convincing her that her world isn't that bad after all.

There are many MAGIC moments and some of them moving you to tears, tears of empathy with that lonely girl in a frightening position that practically no one could carry successfully without paying a high price for it, as she eventually did too.

Great film, sublime film, from beginning to end. Flawless. Thank you to every one involved in this project, one of my favorites any time.

Side Branch of "Splendor in the Grass" and "This Property is Condemned", 1 April 2013

Nice movie if one leaves aside the picture-perfect characters in this family of squeaky clean members: Ideal mother, perfect father, excellent daughters, noble boyfriend, all of them with perfect manners, living in an idyllic environment, with admirable neighbors, friends and pets (and weather!).

Maybe people like them exists, lucky them.

Under those premises the film is excellent and very pleasant to watch.

After all, not seeing awful characters on the screen is quite a change!! And maybe that disoriented me and had that first reaction, but now, thinking it over, it wouldn't be a bad thing to live among people with those straight and noble principles. Nice living.

Very well interpreted, all actors splendid in their roles, good direction, excellent photography and editing and good final resolution for the storyline.

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