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A list of movies I've seen.

1. Must run at least 1 hour long.
2. I must have seen the movie from beginning to end.

I have changed the requirement regarding a required theatrical release. I now allow straight-to-DVD or made-for-TV movies.

**PointMan Pick** indicates a movie I would include on my list of favorite movies of all time.
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This is simply a list of live action TV shows I plan on watching every episode of by some point in time.
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A list of my favorite actors and actresses ever, solely in terms of acting capability (personality and appearance outside of their films does not affect this list). This list is alphabetical, and does not show my most favorite to least favorite.
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'Nuff said.
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This is the ideal cast I would want to see if a movie based upon "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" ever came out.